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GoPro launches brand-spankin’-new warranty program

Imagine this: You’re sending the greatest line of your life, barreling through endless powder and coming into the biggest cliff you’ve ever hit. You send it, you fly through the air like a glorious Bald Eagle but, within a matter of seconds, you’re tomahawking down the mountain like a total dingus.

Your face hurts, your body hurts and, worst of all, your GoPro is totally busted. So what do you do? GoPro now has an answer to that difficult question. See the press release, below:

Press Release from GoPro:

We know that you put your GoPro’s through the paces. You leap from high places, huck yourself off jumps and dive into the depths of the ocean, all with your GoPro as co-pilot. You even hand your camera to a toddler, a teenager and sometimes an animal.

And while durability is a hallmark of our product, we also know that life happens and sometimes your GoPro is on the losing end of the deal. That’s why we’re pumped to bring you new GoPro Care – a two-year program to cover damage to your GoPro cameras and deliver next-level customer support and expert GoPro consulting.

Curious? Interested? Psyched? If you live in the US*, you can add GoPro care to any camera within 60 days of purchase for under $100. With the program you’ll be worry-free as you capture your life, no matter how extreme. Enjoy accidental damage coverage with speedy camera replacement, access to our experts to help you master your camera, and enjoy a direct line to customer support with none of that pesky hold time.

So whether you’re enjoying a relaxing day at the lake or going all in like Chris Benchetler, with GoPro Care, you’re covered! Visit shop.gopro.com/care for additional details and to sign up!

*Currently unavailable in FL, WA, MA, WI, OK, and NV

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