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Breakout Skier of the Year Xander Guldman Puts on a Show in Matchstick Productions “The Land of Giants”

With the amount of emerging competition these days, ‘Break Out Skier of the Year’ has become one of the most prestigious awards at iF3. Xander Guldman took home the title last year, and while there are so many names that were up for debate, it’s no surprise that the young American took the top seat. His blend of style and technicality is rarely found and is reminiscent of a blend between Sam Kuch and Sander Hadley. Strong, precise riding that leaves you questioning how the f*ck they got that grab or even saw that line in the first place. It’s mesmerizing skiing in the best possible way. Take a gander at his highlights from Matchstick Productions 2023 feature film “The Land of Giants,” and you’ll understand the hype around Guldman.

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Xander Guldman has burst onto the scene ever since his mind-blowing performance in last year’s Freeride World Tour. His incredible performances in “The Land of Giants” and Head Ski’s “Unified” landed him the title of Breakout Skier of the Year. Check out Xander’s exclusive athlete edit, and it is easy to see why he is not just the Breakout Skier of the Year but maybe one of the best freeskiers in the WORLD right now!

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