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Arc’teryx and Sam Kuch bend the rules of skiing and editing in “Third Person”

The wizard of Whitewater known as Sam Kuch has exploded onto the scene in the recent years. His humble rise to freeride kingship has been sudden, but never the less overdue. Sam’s technical skill and athleticism, both hard earned, have given him the base that has molded his unbelievable skiing into the refined craft that it is today. But the cherry on top, the thing that really separates him from the crowd is the way he carefully dissects his line, and sees things others simply don’t. Like Candide Thovex, Parker White and others that have showed such prowess in their ability to see the hill in their own unique way, Sam can endlessly pick apart avenues down the hill and add his own flair. It’s clear when you observe Sam ski that what other’s see as a rolling drop, he sees as a natural jump waiting to be greased with a cork 3. His unique vision and preparation skills are outlined perfectly in this Arc’teryx short film. With transitions and filming that will blow your mind out your ears, and skiing that exceeds what you have come to expect of Sam Kuch, “Third Person” is an all around work of cinematic art.

Arc’teryx’s film game has been on the rise recently, releasing some of the most visually satisfying content on the internet. They’ve focused their filming attention with artistic emphasis on their athletes and products, crafting each one with a message or knowledge behind it. From the recent comical yet informative “What Not To Do” series, to their heart felt “Who We Are” films, they have certainly found a winning team that can put together different yet equally impressive flicks.

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