Skiers unfazed as volcano erupts at Chilean ski resort

Skiers unfazed as volcano erupts at Chilean ski resort

Featured image: Birgit Ertl

Come summertime, when temperatures rise in the Northern Hemisphere, there are the lucky few who head south to chase winter. One of the best places to ski in the Southern Hemisphere from June to October is Chile. From top rated ski resorts like La Parva, Portillo and Valle Nevado to the Chilean Andes Mountains in Patagonia and the volcanic snow-covered terrain of Nevados de Chillán, the powder is plentiful in this country. Last week, however, skiers in Nevados de Chillán were skiing more than just snow when the Chillán Volcano erupted and volcanic ash billowed in the sky.

Not to worry though, seemingly no one let the eruption ruin their day of shredding and the massive cloud of volcanic ash only added to the stunning views from this 1,223-acre ski area.

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