Will the “Dream Team” be heading to Orage Masters IX?

Will the “Dream Team” be heading to Orage Masters IX?

Today is the last day of voting for Orage Masters IX: The Rumble in Retallack. Orage asked you, the fans, to vote for the five athletes who would accompany Orage’s team of five athletes, to Retallack, British Columbia in March to compete in the greatest spectacle of them all. Right now, at 11:34 a.m. MST on Wednesday, January 22, the standings are as follows:

1. Parker White (840 votes)
2. Tanner Rainville (835 votes)
3. Josh Bibby (826 votes)
4. Duncan Adams (826 votes)
5. Wiley Miller (809 votes)
6. Paddy Graham (795 votes)
7. Dane Tudor (336 votes)
8. Joe Schuster (282 votes)
9. Sammy Carlson (157 votes)
10. Jacob Wester (112 votes)
11. Collin Collins (94 votes)
12. Justin Dorey (61 votes)
13. Austin Ross (30 votes)

In support of the top five vote getters, this photo, first shared by Parker White, has been circulating around Facebook:


The heads of of White, Rainville, Bibby, Adams, and Miller have replaced those of the Dream Team on this 1992 Sports Illustrated cover. White takes the place of one Michael Jordan, Miller of Magic Johnson, Bibby of Charles Barkley also known as “The Round Mound of Rebound,” Tanner Rainville of Patrick Ewing, and Duncan Adams of Karl Malone. If these are the five skiers you’d like to said heading to Retallack or even if they aren’t, be sure to cast your vote before it’s too late.


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