What’s Tanner Hall up to? Pillows, duh

What’s Tanner Hall up to? Pillows, duh

“The last 2 months have been a life changing experience,” writes Tanner Hall via Instagram. “I have a new found love for skiing and mountains that I never thought would happen. Thanks to everyone who made this last trip the best trip of my life.”

In that time, Hall and co. have been skiing terrain serviced by Eagle Pass Heli. Below, we catch a glimpse of the pillows that Hall has been either shredding, or dreaming about. In the second photo, we see Hall mid-line, as captured by Pep Fujas. In regards to the third shot, Hall commented, “Dream lines. #onthehitlist.” Whether or not he made his way into that zone remains to be seen. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie…



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