Participate in the Coldsmoke Winter Film Festival for a chance to win a Whistler cat skiing adventure

Participate in the Coldsmoke Winter Film Festival for a chance to win a Whistler cat skiing adventure

This year marks the 10th edition of the Coldsmoke Winter Film Festival originated in Bozeman, Montana. Attendees of the film festival will enjoy all things winter—including ski movies, culture, travel and more. The Coldsmoke Winter Film festival will be traveling to cities throughout the Rocky Mountain Range and the Pacific Northwest to showcase snow industry films in Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Salt Lake City, Bellingham, Bozeman and Whistler.

Can’t make the show? Participants are able to vote for the Coldsmoke Online People’s Choice awards. The kicker? After you make your voice heard, you’ll be entered to win a Canadian cat skiing trip for two at Powder Mountain in British Columbia. Don’t miss out, join the rest of the winter sports community and be apart of Coldsmoke Winter Film.

For more information, see the press release below.

Press Release provided by Total BS:

Bozeman, Montana – Coldsmoke Winter Film originated in Bozeman, Montana, and was born out of a mountain community’s desire to showcase artistic talent and celebrate a culture entrenched in winter. A decade later, Coldsmoke Winter Film is still the most authentic and relevant mouthpiece of the winter culture, delivering high-energy events and brand activations, uniting audiences and consumers alike.

Every October, stoke begins to rise as winter enthusiasts take a front row seat to some of the most incredible winter films from around the globe. Pair this with epic events, immersive digital experiences, and community activism, and Coldsmoke Winter Film is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Coldsmoke Winter Film consists of three major experiences. The first begins in early November with the launch of Coldsmoke Online People’s Choice. For a limited time, films can be found in one place online for free. Films vary from ski and snowboard flicks to ice climbing, paragliding, surfing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. All videos remain online for a two-month voting period, giving fans the power to choose the filmmaker(s) who will receive the coveted People’s Choice Award. If hooking up your favorite film isn’t enough incentive, every time viewers vote, they are entered to win a Canadian Cat Skiing Trip for two at Powder Mountain and $1000.

The Coldsmoke Winter Film Tour kicks off in Bozeman, Montana, and travels to locations throughout the Northwest and Rocky Mountains. Key stops include Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Salt Lake City, Bellingham, and Whistler. Film selections vary a bit to highlight local filmmakers, and non-profits and organizations are touted for their commitment to the greater good of the winter community. If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then specialty beer and cocktails or snagging one of the many raffle prizes will.

Coldsmoke Winter Film culminates back in Bozeman on January 10, 2015, with the winter culture’s equivalent of the Oscars. The Coldsmoke Awards are the definitive celebration of artists, athletes, and those inspired by life in the mountains. Categories include Best Powder, Best Cinematography, and the ever-preeminent People’s Choice Award. Filmmakers are awarded cash, prizes, and a one-of-a-kind trophy. Guests are strongly encouraged to don their funkiest winter gear, and the entire night is crafted to keep the audience wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats—tips up of course. For one night, winter culture enthusiasts are on the same journey to the summit of revelry, where they firmly stake claim in shared adoration, letting their freak flags fly.

Coldsmoke: The delicious and joyful crystalline cloud of powder snow that bathes you in its glorious chill when you’re carving down a deep pristine run in the alpine splendiferousness

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