X Games Superpipe Qualifiers – NOW WITH PICS!!

X Games Superpipe Qualifiers – NOW WITH PICS!!

Under the lights in Aspen, CO, the Winter X Games 12 Superpipe Qualifiers went down. Trimming the field from 16 to 10 riders was no easy task as every skier laid down a solid run. Although the temperature dropped pretty low, there was a sizable crowd gathered to watch. Here are the finalists:

Men’s Ski Superpipe

1) Tanner Hall
2) Simon Dumont
3) Kevin Rolland
4) Andreas Hatveit
5) Mike Riddle
6) Jossi Wells
7) Matt Hayward
8) Colby West
9) Peter Olenick
10) Sean Field

Tanner, Simon and Kevin Rolland clearly took the amplitude part of their runs more seriously while others like Andreas and Jossi focused on being more technical. Coming up just short was Sammy Carlson with his huge amplitude and smooth tricks, and John Symms, who despite having a bum shoulder, still managed a solid run with some good air.

The finals on Thursday night should see everyone upping the ante on their runs with higher airs and more spins. Hopefully the weather can stay clear for another night and let the pipe riders do their thing. We’ll see all of you tomorrow and be sure to check out the X Games live on ESPN at 7 PM MST.

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