Pit Viper Teams up With the Legendary Glen Plake

Pit Viper Teams up With the Legendary Glen Plake

Featured Image: Courtesy of Pit Viper

The cat is out of the bag. Gather ’round because the ski industry is about to be changed forever. Pit Viper, makers of the sunglasses that sunglasses would wear, has joined forces with none other than Glen Plake to create Plake’s signature shades and the biggest outwear flex of the century: The Mohawker Clawdia.

Glen Plake is one of the most legendary names in skiing. Along with the likes of Scot Schmidt and Mike Hattrup (shoutout to the iconic film Blizzard of AAHHH’s), Plake was at the forefront of the freeskiing movement in the 1980s. It could easily be said that without him, skiing would be decades behind where it is today in terms of both technicality and style. His staple mohawk graced the big screen for over a decade and became a staple in every powder-hungry, adrenaline-loving skier’s living room from Tahoe to Chamonix. Before Plake, Schmidt and the crew, practically nobody was skiing the steep and deep. It just wasn’t done.

As one of the most innovative two-plankers of all time, it’s only right that he finally receives true recognition. I’m not talking about being inducted into the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame or staring in Warren Miller films. No, he checked those boxes a long time ago. I’m talking about getting to design a pair of shades with Pit Viper.

Glen Plake on the slopes in the Mohawker Clawdia with a pair of his favorite Elan Ripstick Tour 104 planks.

Plake and Pit Vipers’ mad scientist creation, The Mohawker Clawdia is a great buy for many reasons, one being its versatility. It’ll do you justice as you climb your next couloir or simply take a stroll around town. They’ll stay tight on your face thanks to the rubber ends, and the Reverse Fade tint will shield your eyes from sunbeams ripping off the snow while allowing you to look off into the horizon in search of your next line. Some of the unique features include:

  • Reverse Fade design – Glen designed these lenses with mountains in mind – With the darker part of the lens on the bottom, Glen’s eyes are protected when looking up at the mountains. When he’s looking downhill, away from the sun, he has a clear lens for clear sight. 
  • Sunglasses that won’t fall off – Rubberized touchpoints for that “Sucked-on” Feeling  
  • Anchor your glasses to your face – Tie down anchor points and Tie Downs™ included. It’s like a leash for your sunglasses 
  • Price: $69.69

Still designing award-winning skis with Elan and leaving his mark on the industry over 35 years after he started, Plake has remained as relevant as ever as the years go by. While his talent on skis is abundant and always has been, I’d credit his spot in the community not to his abilities but to his pure passion. It’s clear that he loves skiing beyond any measurable doubt and strives to continue to inspire people to get outside and have fun. His message of taking your craft seriously without taking yourself too seriously is something we can all learn from day in and day out. Thanks to Glen Plake and Pit Viper for keeping skiing fun and downright interesting.

The man, the myth, the legend, now in the fastest shades around.

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