Winter X Games 15 Slopestyle Preview

Winter X Games 15 Slopestyle Preview

Day two at the X Games means slopestyle practice has begun. Historically, the course at X Games is long, fast in between features and has some element that requires a bit of creativity. And this year is no exception. The folks at SPT have brought a slightly different and more challenging course than years past. Check out the two part POV run through of the course, during its build stages, compliments of Tess Weaver and Jason Smith.

As you can see, the top features have a combined six options. A quick little drop in and you're on with a DFD box, high ollie down box or down rail. See below as Phil Casabon lipslides one of these features.


Next you run into three more features, a down bar, a lollipop tap thingamajig or a down box. Pretty standard, but someone will come up with something creative. Here's Bobby Brown warming up.


Then comes a choice. Do you go left and hit the rainbow, or do you go right and hit the flat-down box? Most people opted left towards the rainbow, including Kaya Turski.


After that, there is a cannon or small jump feature. Here Anna Segal and Elias Ambühl demonstrate. Don't roll over this lip or else you'll fall into the death pit.


After the cannon feature, three jumps in rapid fire succession come next. Larger as you go farther down the course, the common complaint was that the jumps had no kick, but the crew at SPT is taking the skiers and snowboarders' input into account. Here Alex Schlopy switch 540s the 2nd jump.


With a couple days before Men's elimination and Women's finals, SPT will dial out the kinks, Mother Nature can call in some sunny weather and the athletes will grind out laps until their runs emerge. Check back in Thursday for first blood from the X Games Slopestyle course. In the meantime, Wed. night brings Men's and Women's Superpipe elimination.


Row 1: Phil Casabon, Kaya Turski, Russ Henshaw
Row 2: Elias Ambühl, Megan Olenick, Bobby Brown
Row 3: Sammy Carlson, Jossi Wells, Grete Eliassen
Row 4: Keri Herman, Andreas Håtveit, Henrik Harlaut
Row 5: JF Houle, Gus Kenworthy, Ashley Battersby
Row 6: Colby West, Devin Logan, Jacob Wester

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