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Kick back with a video, photo gallery and bonus poem from Windells

Windells is now in full swing, folks, and we’d like to show you just how swingin’ it is through a beauteous gallery, video and poem.

The video, above, comes from Windells’ smooth film crew, comprised of Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms and Cam Willis. It recaps Session 2 up on Mt. Hood, and includes skiing from Gs like Quinn Wolferman, Keegan Kilbride and Duncan Adams. Some real sick moves from campers are included in there, too.

The photos, below, are from the Windells’ talented Aiden Ulrich and capture a ridiculously stacked list of pros going ham. From lifestyle shots to rail mastery to big air off the big jump, it’s all there.

Ulrich also graciously provided us with a lovely skiing-esque poem that we think you’ll enjoy. So kick back, gander at all this awesome summer skiing content and don’t forget that Windells’ summer is far from over. For more information on the remaining camps throughout July and August, head to Windells.com.


by Henrik Ibsen

In summer dusk the valley lies
With far-flung shadow veil;
A cloud-sea laps the precipice
Before the evening gale:
The welter of the cloud-waves grey
Cuts off from keenest sight
The glacier, looking out by day
O’er all the district, far away,
And crowned with golden light



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