Win Free Stuff At JohnSymms.com

Win Free Stuff At JohnSymms.com

Do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t. John Symms, protean skier/blogger/intellectual has created a contest based on his recently dropped Summer Edit. The X Games veteran has decided to give back to the community. Here are the details, straight from Johnsymms.com:

How To Enter:

-Go to Johnsymms.com and watch or download his edit.
-Take a picture of yourself with the edit on the screen in the background, to prove that you watched it. A simple screen capture will also do.
-Write short essay** (paragraph) on on of the following topics: 1) Why my edit was your favorite edit of the summer; 2) -Why my edit was lame, and why you could barely stand to watch the whole thing; or 3) Why Danny Kass is out of touch with reality (hint: https://snowboarding.transworld.net/2008/09/04/10-questions-with-danny-kass/).
-Email your photo (or screen capture), and essay to me at [email protected].

Prizes: You’ll have to check out Johnsymms.com for the prizes. Go there now!

**A note about the essays†: Many people like to consult a thesaurus in order to beef up their writing. This practice, while perfectly acceptable, carries the hidden danger of misusing a big word. If you find an impressive synonym in the thesaurus, look it up in the dictionary and make sure it means what you want it to before using it.

†A further note about the essays: Material that is offensive, obnoxious, or unrelated to the given topics is welcome and encouraged.

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