A Whole Lotta BS: Virtual Cribs With Jossi Wells

A Whole Lotta BS: Virtual Cribs With Jossi Wells

Jossi Wells, the freeskiing Kiwi we all love, recently purchased himself a lovely home in the peaceful town of Wanaka, NZ. The house features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a one-car garage. It is located in the middle of a resort village so Jossi has access to the gym, spa, tennis courts, pool and hot tub. That is everything he needs to get his ankle all fixed up for this upcoming season. Jossi was nice enough to give us a little virtual tour of his crib and tell us what makes his new home so special.

A Whole Lotta BS

How is the new house treating you?

The crib is sick! It’s nice having my own spot you know. Organizing and setting it all up gave me something to do while I’ve been recovering from this ankle injury also.

How close are you to the mountains?

It’s located in Wanaka. So Snowpark & Cardrona are 40 minutes drive up the mountain roads.

Whom are you living with?

I’m living alone. I like having my own space and a place that I can kinda escape from everyone & everything.

If I were to open your refrigerator what could I expect to find?

Ginger Beer, Monster, Butter, Milk & a bag of potatoes. Yep, real ballin’ eh… Haha.

Which is your favorite room in the house?

The living room has definitely gotten the most use, and it’s the room that I’ve done the most decorating in. It’s nice too because I can open up the sliding doors to my balcony and the afternoon sun comes streaming in. This place is going to be dope in the summer. Sick how I won’t be here though… Haha.

You have been known as a fashionable man in the ski industry. What is your favorite thing in your closet right now?

You mean my clothing room? I transformed one of the bedrooms into a room sized walk-in closet. Now I got all the girls jealous eh? As for the favorite item, this is kind of hard. How about I just give you an overview of what you may find in there:

-Black & grey Nike Braata’s.
-Black skinny jeans.
-Back & white V neck T’s.
-An assortment of button up dress shirts including Black, White, Grey & Denim.
-Black leather dress shoes.
-Skinny black leather belt.
-Black socks. (You can’t have black jeans & black shoes with white socks showing in between. You’re not MJ, don’t try to be.)
-Black frogskin’s,
-Black fedora/bowler hat.
-Silver jewelry.
-A few black & grey suits.
-A range of black coats. i.e. Trench, leather, bomber.

You’ll also find over 100 pairs of Nikes… Haha.

What kind of whips do you have parked out back?

I have a Silver Audi A4 with black rims and black windows.

Would you say your house has a “boom boom” room?

A “boom boom” room? Like, a record studio?… Ha.

During New Zealand’s winter does your place turn into more of a hostel?

Um, I made sure it didn’t get too much like that this season. I only have one spare bedroom for homies, unless they want to sleep on my shoes. I had Simon stay with me for a month and now I have Colby down here for a few weeks. Those guys have both helped me out a bunch when I’ve needed a place to crash so it was cool I could help them out down here.

Does it feel nice to be your own landlord?

Bro, the best feeling ever. It kind of gives me a feeling of security. Like no matter what, I’ll always have a place I can come back to and call “my home”. I’m very blessed.

Aight you’ve heard about my whip, my clothes, my shoes, my rooms, but now it’s time to kick y’all out. I gotta get back to this painting for my bedroom.

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