West Coast Session 5, Day 4

West Coast Session 5, Day 4

Photos: Ethan Stone, Rocky Maloney, J.Dominguez, Darcy Bacha, Alex Loren

All too quickly, Day Four of this year's West Coast Session arrived last Wednesday. It seems like every year it goes by faster. Maybe next year we'll go for a week!

The day before, we sessioned just a little bit of the unbelievably awesome Windell's campus. No better way to follow up a ski day than with a skate and trampoline sesh. Thanks to Windell's for allowing us full use of their facilities!

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Just a sign on Hwy 26… that stands for quite possibly the "funnest" place on earth.


Nasty Napes from 4bi9 getting his annual West Coast Session skate shot.


Fun in the foam pit.

On Wednesday morning we prepared for what was to be a climactic final day to close out WCS5. The sun was gleaming brilliantly off the rolling slopes of Mt. Hood as we arrived at Timberline, illuminating the huge mound of snow up on the Palmer snowfield that had become the WCS 5 money booter.

The jump had already been checked in on Sunday during the public session by Tim McChesney, Jon Marks, Charlie Lasser, Tim Gage and Joss Christensen. Some said it was the biggest jump they'd ever hit; others said it was the best jump they'd ever hit. So when we finally got to session it on Wednesday after a brief warm-up in the park, it didn't take long for things to heat up.


Joss Christensen knows how to float the switch 5s. photo: Stone


Malone sends a manly rodeo 5 to the deep. photo: Dominguez


Nick Goepper. photo: A. Loren

For three hours the skies above the Palmer snowfield were a newschool spectacle as the steezy young guns at WCS brought out their best on a monster booter. A variety of double flips were on display from McChesney, Christensen, Ben Moxham, Nick Goepper, Tosh Peters, Nicky Keefer, Karl Fostvedt and others. But there was plenty of time and appreciation for the style tricks: lofty blunt flips, switch fives, cork 9s, zero spins, 180s and double screamin' seamens.


Jon Marks is one skier who knows how to give 'er. He took several brutal slams over the day but still came out with some of the best shots. Hey, they say Babe Ruth had the record for the most strikeouts, right? sequence: Stone


Tim Gage in the stratosphere. photo: Maloney


Tosh Peters did some forward 1080 blunts. Who would have figured? photo: Maloney


Auviq rider Ari Delashmutt went all Schrab brothers on us with superman double front flips and an attempted switch double back! photo: Stone

The jump session lasted until the afternoon, when we paused to take a quick break, dump camera memory cards, rest muscles, scarf pizza, and get ready for the traditional sunset shoot to end WCS.


The Vital Films RV was the perfect spot to chill in the parking lot while waiting to head up for the sunset shoot.


Ben Moxham. photo: Bacha


Joss switch 5. photo: Stone


Nick Goepper, cork 10 dub blunt. photo: A. Loren

The final West Coast Session wrap-up will be online soon with all the best photos and videos from the event. Thanks for watching!

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