Warren Miller Entertainment Wins Arbitration against Warren Miller

Warren Miller Entertainment Wins Arbitration against Warren Miller

On September 21, 2009, Warren Miller Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Level 1 Productions.

On September 25, 2009, Warren Miller (the person, not the company) filed to intervene against WME, saying, “This is not a case about trademark infringement by Level 1. Rather, this is a case about… Warren Miller’s right to fairly use his name, voice and likeness as he chooses, including as a continuing contributor in ski films such as Level 1’s Refresh.” Warren Miller also gave Freeskier this exclusive comment.

At that time, the courts put the case against Level 1 on hold.

Warren Miller Entertainment announced today that it has “received a favorable ruling” in the arbitration case with Warren Miller on Wednesday, October 6. From the statement:

“The arbitration award, issued October 6th, reaffirms WME’s exclusive rights to the name, personal endorsement, voice, and likeness of Warren Miller—rights that WME purchased from Mr. Miller in agreements dating back to the sale of his film company to WME in 1988.”

It continues to say that “WME has nothing but respect for Warren and his accomplishments.”

Now the question is: Will Warren Miller Entertainment pursue its case against Level 1? We will continue to follow the story closely.

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