VIDEO: Simon Dumont Wins Superpipe at Mount Snow Dew Tour

VIDEO: Simon Dumont Wins Superpipe at Mount Snow Dew Tour

Simon Dumont’s Winning Run

Welcome back from beautiful Mount Snow, Vermont. Where Yankees hats outnumber Red Sox hats 5:1. The pipe is primed up and ready after a fresh cut this afternoon and we just wrapped up the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Since you already know who won from the title of the story, I’ll give you the play by play from what exactly went down this Saturday night under the lights here at Carinthia.

Click here to watch the superpipe highlights from Mount Snow.

Photos by Josh Stansfield

In a night made for tv, Simon Dumont earned the top spot in the mens superpipe fnals under the lights at the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour with what many believe to be the best run of his career.

Let me set the stage for those of you that werent’ fortunate enough to catch the event live on the boob tube. By show-time the Carinthia base was filled with a sea of people, to the best of my knowledge there wasn’t a turnstyle installed however I would guesstimate that the crowd rivaled X Games numbers.

The night fired up with Byron Wells piecing together a solid run, incorporating a healthy amount of amplitude for a kiwi that is light enough to hang glide on a Dorito. Byron also showed the crowd that he is a member of the ambi-turner club throwing both left and rightside 900’s.

Byron Wells

Colby west delivered an impressive first run with hefty amount of amplitude on his 900 as well as mixing in a right 540, left 7 and delicious switch 900 that landed him a respectable 7th place finish. Unfortunately Colby fell on his second run and wasn’t able to claw his way to the podium this evening. Kudos to CJW on his musical selection for his pipe run, Star Wars geeks such as myself really enjoyed the evil empire track.

Colby James West

Pete Olenick wasn’t able to put the landing gear down on his patented whiskey flip and earned a combined score from his 1st and 2nd run that will surely be far lower than the number of ladies he makes out with here at Mount Snow.

Peter Olenick, whiskey flippin’.

Pay attention to the following name: Tucker Perkins
Tucker was going happy-go-jacky on the superpipe like a donkey eating a waffle. His runs consisted of massive amplitude, technical tricks including gargantuan allyoop flatspin 5’s, a switch 1080 and a 1260. For the record, he nailed the grab on the 10, for a second I thought I was watching Candide. Break out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown.

Tucker Perkins.

Now, onto pipe specialist and all around great guy, Mike Riddle. The Riddler was a pipe-machine tonight, seemingly incorporating late 180’s into every trick he threw in the pipe. You’d see him winding up, banging a 900 and then slam on another 180 to piece together an epic switch 1080. Riddle also threw down one of the most beautiful allyoop flatspin 540’s I’ve ever witnessed, he had a nasty bow & arrow grab that can only be described as TJ-esque. Oh yeah, did I mention how he was also starting his run out with a massive switch 10? Mike Riddle, ladies and gentlemen.

Mike Riddle

If you know anything about ski superpipe you know that Tanner Hall and Simon Dumont battle it out for podium spots like two hungry dogs fighting over a piece of steak. Whenever these two friends ski into a superpipe spectators immediately begin to draw up the differences and similarities in these two powerhouse competitors.

Tanner, known for his insanely technical runs, did not disappoint this evening. Tanner effortlessly threw both left and rightside 9’s, a massive 1260 and an allyoop flatspin 360 with a SICK shifty. Unfortunately, on this night it was not enough to take down The Dumont.

Click here to watch Tanner’s 3rd place run.

The man, the myth, the legend: Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall: 3rd Place

Justin Dorey solidified himself as the next big thing in pipe skiing today at Mount Snow with a jaw dropping run. J-Bone teed off with a stomped whiskey flip which he took deep into the pipe and followed it up with left and right 900’s, an allyoop flatspin 3 and a switch 1080. The bottom of the pipe exploded when he finished up his run, I think a high-five world record was set, chances are J-Bone is off at his hotel room icing down his hand.

Click here to watch Justin Dorey’s 3rd Place Run

Justin “J-Bone” Dorey stomped his way into the 2nd place spot tonight.

Simon Dumont had the best pipe run of his life tonight, there, I said it. He unleashed a barrage of tricks that nobody could come close to, leftside 9’s, rightside 9’s, a 1260 and wrapped up his run with a switch 10. That’s right, his last trick in the pipe (one typically reserved for a conservative tricks) was a switch 1080 which he stomped the crap out of. Simon landed perfect tranny on each hit and made his work look ridiculously effortless.

Yeah, he’s good.

Simon’s 1260.

Dumont grabbing his first hit 900.

There you have it folks, the 2nd stop of the Winter Dew Tour has wrapped up here at Mount Snow. Tanner and Simon both have a 1st place podium spot in superpipe and have one more go in Tahoe at the final stop of the 2009 Winter Dew Tour. Will the last superpipe podium belong to Tanner, Simon or the next top dogs like Justin Dorey, Tucker Perkins or Mike Riddle?

Only time will tell, see you in Tahoe.


1. Simon Dumont
2. Justin Dorey
3. Tanner Hall
4. Tucker Perkins
5. Mike Riddle
6. Duncan Adams
7. Colby James West
8. Byron Wells
9. AJ Kemppainen
10. Taylor Seaton

See you in Tahoe.

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