Trick Tip Tuesday: Kim Lamarre

Trick Tip Tuesday: Kim Lamarre

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As seen in the November 2008 Issue of Freeskier Magazine

Welcome to the second installment of Trick Tip Tuesdays. Here we'll revisit our vast archive of trick tips from the past, to get you in fighting shape for summer camp. In this trick tip, Kim Lamarre explains how to execute a picture perfect 270 on, 270 off a rail. With these kinds of skills Kim will be having you looking and sliding like a champ in no time.

Step 1: 
Before attempting to 270 on, 270 off on a flat-down, you should be comfortable doing 270s on and 270s off flat bars. You should also be comfortable doing normal disasters on flat-downs.
Step 2:
Just do a normal disaster a couple times to get the feel before attempting the 270 on.
Step 3:
When you feel ready to try the 270, you want to come into the rail at the same speed as before, making sure that you are in a low stance ready for your pop. Be looking at the kink of the flat-down because that's where you want to be aiming for.
Step 4:
You are going to set your pop the same way as if you were doing a 270 on a flat box but just a little slower since you are disastering the rail and have more air time.
Step 5:
When you pop, set more than a 180 but less than a 360. You will be able to see the rail under you the whole time so you know if you need to speed up or slow down the spin. You are going faster than you would for a normal rail, so your skis should clear as you spin around.
Step 6:
Once you land on the rail, look at the end of it so you stay centered on the rail and keep a low, compact stance so you don't slip out. It will also put you in a good position to 270 off.
Step 7:
When you are getting to the end of the rail you just have to pop, then turn your head and shoulders to spin off the rail. Your body should just follow the motion that the 270 set and make you get around super easily.
Step 8:
Just ride away switch and be stoked!


l: Snowpark, New Zealand :: p: Chris O'Connell

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