Travis Redd. The Interview

Travis Redd. The Interview

You are from Aspen, what was it like to grow up in one of North America’s best ski towns?

Well it is one if the best ski towns in North America so of course it was great. Lucky enough for me I had a good buddy by the name of Steele Spence to guide me through all the powder and in to a new era of freeskiing. Aspen is an incredible place and to this day I still can’t seem to leave.

How did you decide that you were going to turn pro?

I guess it wasn’t really a decision of mine, I was just skiing and one day, “voila!”, it kinda just happened. I never started skiing with intention of being a pro I just skied because that was what I did and that was what I loved. It just so happened that I was good enough to make a little doe while I did it. All this combined with the fact that Josh Berman saw my potential and we began to work together. The rest is history.

You are a new member of Liberty’s team, how is that going?

Liberty makes the most amazing skis so it was not a tough decision to ride for them. The company is great and I feel that off all the small ski companies Liberty has some of the most potential for success because they make good products. When it comes down to it that is what really matters.

We know you went to Switzerland this year as part of a Freeskier
Magazine/Liberty skis trip, but what other adventures stand out?

A few weeks before we went to Switzerland the Liberty crew and I went to Jackson Hole where we shredded some gnar and met a lot of cool people. This trip was sick because we had no photographers and no filmers, so it was a no stress trip, just straight shredding with the boys from Liberty. The snow was great and so was the company and when these two things come together you are bound to have an awesome time.

Any inside strategies for having the best week of your life, if you decide to visit Aspen?

Ya come find me because I know where all the good powder stashes are. Besides that if you come to Aspen you are going to have a good time regardless of anything because the town is great. Just make sure to leave when you are supposed to because if you don’t you might not ever leave.

Tips for those who are foolish enough to think they can turn pro and live a glam lifestyle like yourself.

It’s not a foolish dream. I believe that if you work hard enough you can make anything happen. Although it is not easy. I know we make it look so, but this is an art that myself and other pros have been perfecting for our enter lives. So if you dream of going pro just know that you are gonna have to bring it because a sport such as skiing does not allow wussies.

What’s next for Travis Redd?

Well currently I am in Costa Rica so as of now I am going to go try and surf a tube. But just like skiing, not just anyone can do it. That is something that I have found as I get hammered day-by-day trying. Once I have mastered this I will return back to the mountains to keep doing the things that I love most in the world, like dropping pillows or finding that blunt grab between my fingers as I fly off what ever gets in my way.

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