Tom Wallisch’s new ski film, ‘Vice Versa,’ is LIVE

For the past several years, Tom Wallisch and his closest skiing companions have been pushing out some of the best films in the game. This year, the squad came out swinging with Vice Versa, and it’s their best one yet—without a doubt.

The trailer for “Vice Versa.”

Vice Versa kicks off with a shared segment between street slayers John Ware and Magnus Granér. They set the tone right out of the gate, supplemented by a hammer tune from Brooklyn-based rhyme master Joey Badas$$ (find below). The tunes that follow throughout the film are all on-point, and we’ll post them all right here on FREESKIER.com very soon.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_DSC02276_@GoodCompanySki_Graner copy

Magnus Granér.

Thayne Rich owns segment number two, pointing it down steep backcountry lines and hucking absurd maneuvers along the way. His double-flip over a gigantic road gap—ending the segment—is not to be missed.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_15-03-44_DSC06901_@GoodCompanySki_Rich copy

Thayne Rich.

Much of the squad comes together for the next segment, a park party that takes place between Sun Valley and Mammoth. The talents of Tim McChesney, Collin Collins, Andy Partridge, Will Berman, Dylan Sondrup, Karl Fostvedt, Colby Stevenson and Jossi Wells create an action-packed spectacle—arguably highlighted by what may be the biggest zero-spin of all time from Wells.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_13-41-26_DSC07046_@GoodCompanySki_Partridge copy

Andy Partridge.

Another heavy street segment follows, featuring Niklas Eriksson, Will Berman and Dale Talkington. These three are some of the best urban skiers out there year after year, and seeing them collectively throw down is seriously rad. Talkington’s wall-to-rail stunt ends the segment in a particularly jaw-dropping manner.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_18-00-08_IMG_2457_@GoodCompanySki_WallischErikssonTalkington copy

From left to right: Niklas Eriksson, director Kyle Decker, Tom Wallisch, Dale Talkington.

The theme of teamed-up segments continues with Tim McChesney and Khai Krepela, two more of skiing’s best. At this point, it’s fully evident that the Vice Versa crew runs very, very deep. McChesney holds it down in the street and in the backcountry, sending huge booters and urban features alike. Krepela builds on that urban excellence, showing off supreme fluidity and style.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_17-43-21_DSC06818_@GoodCompanySki_McChesney copy

Tim McChesney.

At last, Mr. Wallisch comes into play, sharing a segment with the talented Chris Laker. The two team up on various street spots, most of which are absolutely massive and terrifying. Wallisch proves here why he’s the main man behind the film, while Laker shows why he has the top honor of sharing the segment.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_160112 WY Evanston Redirect_IMG_2245_7D_AD_@GoodCompanySki_Wallisch copy

Tom Wallisch.

A ski movie can’t be its very best without some powder in Japan, and that’s exactly what we find next. Wallisch joins backcountry aficionado Tatum Monod and park-turned-pow skier (at least for this film) Ahmet Dadali. This is undoubtedly the most fun-spirited segment in Vice Versa, featuring deep snow, big laughs and, of course, super smooth turns.

Behind the scenes in Japan.

Following Japan, another park shoot reunites some of the crew in Whistler. Segment buddies Wallisch and Laker join new additions Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (ABM) and Noah Wallace, to go HAM on a ridiculously big booter, hit after hit. ABM tosses some of the most stylish triples to date, arguably taking the cake of this segment, while Laker, Wallace and Wallisch go all-in as well.


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While watching this film, many questions linger. For example: How on earth are these people so good at skiing? And, which of these ridiculously impressive segments is the best? But the most prominent question of all is, who will have the ender? The answer is Karl Fostvedt, who aggressively stomps a myriad of tricks to cap off Vice Versa just perfectly. This guy charges the backcountry insanely hard, leaving viewers more-than-satisfied by the time the credits roll around.

Vice Versa Promo Photo_Superpark Guac Squad-_@GoodCompanySki_FostvedtStevensonBermanSondrup copy

Karl Fostvedt.

There are a ton of fantastic things about this film, like the stacked roster, the head-bobbin’ music and the fact that it’s dedicated to the late, great, skiing madman Matt Heffernan. But perhaps the best thing of all is that it’s just $10 on iTunes. Invest in the sport you love and enjoy this film over and over again ’til another one comes out next year.

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