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Tom Wallisch just put you on the Guest List

Tom Wallisch and Good Company are back with their latest feature-length release, Guest List, which features some of the finest backcountry and urban freestyle skiing you’ll see today. Of course, you’ve already seen the trailer. So, now, enjoy the full movie segment featured above, filmed on location at Mt. Baker, Washington, showing “Crazy” Karl Fostvedt boosting around the mountain alongside PNW-locals Lucas Wachs and John Ware in some deep, quintessential west coast snow.

FREESKIER recently sat down with Wallisch to chat about the new flick, and it’s clear the Good Company crew is excited about releasing another full-length ski movie. Check out the interview below to hear about the challenges of stitching together an entire season’s worth of footage, what to expect in the upcoming film (to be released October 12) and what it’s like globe-trotting to get the shot.

There’s something nostalgic to me and the other guys about capturing a full season of film… and having this one single thing that encompasses a whole group of friends doing the best they can for an entire year. We had such a fun time putting this together, we’ve already decided to do another feature [next year].

We tried to do something a little different this time around… by incorporating a little more [background] content, a little more character building and behind the scenes footage.

“Ski porn” shots are so easily consumed on social media and Instagram… [but] there’s something nice about being able to download [a full] video on the computer, or to be able to play it on the TV.

I remember as a kid… having viewing parties and there was something about sitting down watching those movies with my friends…weeks before the season—even the morning before we would go skiing. There’s something so nostalgic about that and there’s still enough people that enjoy that aspect of ski movies.

There’s always the challenge of capturing so much content, that its really tough deciding which shot will make it and which behind the scenes moments to include—and to tell a good story that flows together.

When there are three shots and we have to pick one, the [Good Company] guys know exactly which one they want in the final cut.

A few years ago, I would have never thought we’d be doing a trip to Finland and Sweden.

I think we’re lucky where were —having full control [of production] and being able to create Good Company projects. Over the past ten years, we’ve just been focused on taking ownership of our stuff. Making what we want, putting it out how we want [and] getting it to the right audience.

This release is going to have a little more dialogue and more fun, interesting, creative looks, showing what our season was like and our experiences at different locations… and it should be a fun watch.

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