Thursday Creative Callout: Ski Logik

Thursday Creative Callout: Ski Logik

They do not produce skis with naked women on the top sheet or graffiti art work and their skis might not even be that well known. However, Ski Logik offers up a ski design and artwork that is unlike any other.

At Ski Logik the idea that no two skis are alike is something that they pride themselves on. With their artistry process and ski design this is actually a true fact. Ski Logik uses no artificial materials in their skis. No ink or paint but instead all natural wood and wood veneers to create the ski and artwork. Each ski utilizes different handpicked woods that are then applied to the designs by Ski Logik’s artist Mariella Scaperrotta to create the art on the skis top sheet. Sounds crazy right?

Lucky for us, Mariella took some time to enlighten us at Freeskier about the design process, her inspirations, and Ski Logik’s unique approach to designing skis. “It all starts with an idea. I would say that my art is inspired from my travels, nature, animals, etc. Then when the ideas come to me I try my hardest to capture that feeling and communicate it into a ski design.” Mariella has done a great job of this and it shows on the Ski Logik skis.

“Once I have a design, I choose the woods that I want to use on the ski. We use all natural colored wood veneers. No ink or artificial materials. I think this allows each ski to be unique and not like the other. From the wood to the abalone sea shells we use, we treat each pair of skis as a work of art.” The wood veneer inlays are duplicated on each ski and are similar to dye cut ski bases, although no two are the same because of the unique properties of each wood.

“I try my hardest to put what i see and feel into a design. After the artwork is done there is the wood process which is a even more diligent process. We hand pick each wood and material that goes into our skis.” The process is not short but is one that Mariella has come to enjoy. “It is safe to say though that i get attached to many of our skis. It is literally a process that you can see through from the beginning to the end. It’s tough to let some of them go.”

Using natural woods from around their factory in China, Ski Logik also believes that since their graphics and skis come from nature they should give back to it as well. “For each ski that we produce we plant trees in a ecological preserve.”

“We like being a bit different, from our design process to our art, we are proud of what we produce.” Mariella says. Although Ski Logik might not produce that park ski you are looking for, you have to appreciate the unique concept behind the ski design and handwork that goes into it.

For more information on Ski Logik check out www.skilogik.com.

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