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The Legend of Hotdog Hans Continues in Norway With Olympian Birk Ruud

Some sagas only live in trilogies. It’s an unwritten rule of show biz, but one that most visionary creators follow… most, but not all. The proof is before your eyes. The FOURTH installment of the iconic “Hotdog Hans” series is live, and we’re going far from home in this one. Hotdog Hans himself heads back to Norway, where he has some unfinished business going back to his Olympic ban over half a century ago. He’s not alone, though. Birk Ruud, who is no stranger to the Olympics, is there to show Hans his way around.

Who is this old man? Is it all just a rouse? Does he really smell as bad as he looks? We can’t answer all those, but we do know it’s fun to watch. Alex Ferreira, aka the man behind the curtain, is certainly one of the best skiers on the planet (he’s hot off an X Games SuperPipe gold). The fact that he doubles as this old man makes it that much better. He takes his skiing seriously without taking himself too seriously, and that’s just what we love to see.

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The King Returns with Birk Ruud in Hotdog Hans 4!! πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

Norway, you say? Well, 70 years ago, Hans made Olympic history as the first athlete to ever get banned. So, the dog is back, and he’s here to show Norway who the real king is. This time, he’s not alone, with Olympic gold medalist Birk Ruud along for the ride.

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