The Telus WSSF Pipe Finals Today!

The Telus WSSF Pipe Finals Today!

High up on the mountain they call Blackcomb, the WSSF Superpipe semi-finals and finals are going down today. No doubt the comp will go off today. The voice of Luke Van Valin will preside over the festivities. Double flips will likely go down. Former champs Mike Riddle and Tucker Perkins are here to reclaim their titles. Stay tuned from more from the field. The Best M!&$%@#&^ Skier Alive Joe Schuster will be in the crowd cheering. After yesterday’s dreary-weathered qualifiers, here is who has moved to to the semi-finals, per their start order:

1. Marshall Lacroix
2. Matt Margetts
3. Dan Marion
4. Tyler Peterson
5. Evan Schwartz
6. JP Solberg
7. Walter Wood
8. Nathan Wood
9. Joss Christianson
10. Christian Allen
11. Mitch Gilman
12. Simon D’artois
13. Gus Kenworthy
14. Kyle Smaine
15. Colin Vaykovich
16. Billy Mann
17. Kentaro Tsuda
18. Dane Ulsifer
19. Kris Atkinson
20. Noah Bowman
21. Kevin Labatte
22. Sandy Boville
23. Scott Hibbert
24. Jon Anders Linstad
25. Chris Turpin
26. Rob Huele
27. Mitchell Strasser
28. Cameron Smith
29. Hunter Visser
30. Garrett Northey

A number of these competitors will try and qualify for finals where they will be joined by the following pre-qualified pros (in no particular order):

1. Mike Riddle
2. Tucker Perkins
3. David Wise
4. Colby West
5. Taylor Seaton
6. Peter Olenick
7. Matt Philippi

And we can’t forget about the female pre-qualified finalists as well:

1. Jess Cumming
2. Roz Groenewoud
3. Angeli Van Laanen
4. Megan Gunning
5. Keltie Hansen
6. Shannon Gunning
7. Dania Assaly
8. Ali Agee
9. Devin Logan

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