Taos Girl goes for Lange….

Taos Girl goes for Lange….

Hiya! My name is Sora Brodie and I’m a simple Taos girl. I love to ski, I love my family, I love my friends and I love to laugh. I grew up playing ice-hockey and learned to ski at Taos Mountain as well as Crested Butte. They are two of the most fun mountains in the Southwest. Imagine standing at the top of West Basin after a five minute hike, looking down St. Bernard chute waiting to drop in. The rush is like no other. My love for skiing lead me to become a Ski Instructor for Taos Ski Valley so that I might ignite the passion of ‘shredding knar’ within others.

In summers I work in the New Mexico Film Industry. I graduated New York Film Academy (2007) in Los Angeles in my major, Acting for Film. I went on to work as Natalie Portman’s stand-in in the film ‘Brothers’ which will be out in 2009. I have worked as Elisabeth Shue’s stand-in and a Casting Assistant on several other films here in New Mexico.

I would like to thank Boot Doctor’s of Taos for loaning me the Lange boots you see in my pics. I am a long-time Lange boot wearer but my own boots are what I like to call ‘well loved’! I would also like to thank my sweet friend Sara Buckingham for taking the photos you see and of course Lange for giving me the opportunity to be the next Lange Girl….

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