Listen to Stept Productions’ “Mutiny” soundtrack on Spotify

Listen to Stept Productions’ “Mutiny” soundtrack on Spotify

Stept Productions’ 13th feature film, Mutiny, showcases raw street skiing at its finest. At multiple points throughout the movie, the soundtrack takes a back seat to the images and sound effects, which is a technique not often embraced by ski movie producers. Featuring 26 different tracks, this is also one of the longest ski movie soundtrack lists you’ll ever see. We’ve compiled a list of the songs available on Spotify for your listening pleasure, and also included the complete list below.

Mettle I
The Fucked Up Beat – Scorpio Weather Cult
Exist Strategy – Unquiet Mind

Clayton Vila
Alex Boll – Deviant Strings
Tribe Gvng – Young Rebel

735 17th Street
Secret Colours – Faust
Ben Von Wildenhaus – Week Twenty Six

Maks Gorham
Darkside – A1

Big Boulder, PA
Reed Blue – Underworld
Big Makk – Gila’s Theme

Mettle II
Joe Froeber – Zweepdom

Charlie Owens
Valient Thorr – Man Behind the Curtain
Ryan Kershaw – Drone 3

Beginning of the End
The Fucked Up Beat – Monolith Monsters/Day of the Triffids

Justin Norman
Eff Dope – Sight

Mammoth Mountain
Pagan Altar – The Black Mass

The Eighty Six
Chris Kazarian – Bangarang

Burning School – Free Piece of Tape

Lowell & Noah Albaladejo
The Fucked Up Beat – Come Back to New Orleans

Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite – Rolands Vegners

Sean Jordan
Lee Fields – Faithful Man
Reed Blue – Underworld

Shea Flynn
The Fucked Up Beat – The War Diary and Photographs of a Flying Steamboat Pilot
Nadja – The Bungled & Botched

Mettle III
Gabriel Shadid – Call of the Storm

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