…so then life gave me lemons

…so then life gave me lemons

I first clicked into a pair of bindings 10 years ago, and ever since that initial tow-rope ride and attempt at making it down the bunny hill in one piece, I knew this was something I loved. I was only 8, but I knew that riding down a slope on two boards was more fun than anything I’d ever done before. Better than soccer, baseball and all the other team sports I played growing up.

As far as my experience goes, I’ve covered many disciplines. I started off as a little kid at ski school once a week, then once I discovered the park, that was a whole new realm for me. I would ride the park chair all day long until I got too hurt or the mountain closed. I raced for 2 years and didn’t like the racing culture too much, so that is when I became a ski instructor. I’ve been out to Vail for the past two seasons, and that has been the most incredible experience for me. It was the first time I experienced real Pow, and I fell in love with it. I would say I’ve had at least a taste of all types of skiing, so I have gotten to see what I truly like and do not like about the sport.

So needless to say, skiing is my one true passion in life. It’s all I think about from the second snow touches the ground every year. Even in the summer, I constantly watch last year’s ski movies and obsess about how insane this upcoming ski season is going to be. Once the snow falls I am out on the hill as many days as Southeast Michigan allows. I have been a ski instructor for the past 2 years at the local hill, solely for the perk of a free season pass. (The actual pay was almost non-existent) For the last 10 years, that has been the cycle for me, unfortunately, all that is going to change this year. Its my first year in college and I was not lucky enough to be able to go to a school that was close to a ski hill. I’m going to Wayne State University in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Without a car at school, I’m pretty much out of luck as far as being able to ski at an actual “resort”.

So, my MISSION for this year is to make the best of my situation. I am planning on making the most of the amazing Detroit architecture and landscape, by skiing it. For those of you who haven’t been there, Detroit usually gets a ton of snow, and could pretty much be a level from Tony Hawk Pro Skater. There are so many rails, drops, and crazy features on buildings that could be creatively used for skiing. I would love to dial in 270’s on and off of rails. I was never really into the urban skiing scene (I am definitely more of a powder, steeps and cliffs kinda guy) but since I don’t really have any other option this season, I’m trying to have the most fun I can. I am actually looking forward to progressing on rails, and as a creative skier. So thats my mission, I hope I complete it with style, and that winter ’08/’09 is the sickest yet.

Mission Update 11.2.08- Rode my bike around Detroit looking for potential spots taking pictures. Saw alot of cool stuff and I’m sure there is much more to see

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