Sin to Win

Sin to Win

Skiers repent! Or actually, don’t repent until you have a really good sin to confess to Rossi.

Then you can use your sinful ways to win a pair of Rossi Seven Artistic Sins skis, and repent once you have a new pair of S7s under your feet.

Our friends at Rossi have just launched a new contest, and a grand prize winner will score a pair of Seven Artistic Sins skis of their choice. The contest site has all the details.

The contest has just begun and already skiers have been absolved of sins from mono-boarding to hangovers. Each week a new winner will be selected to win a Rossignol T-shirt and in February the grand prize-winner will be selected to receive a pair of the SAS skis of their choice. It’s easy, just fill out your name and email address, then tell your story.

Sinners can also download the Widget and share it with anyone who needs to do some confessing of their own. Keep in mind that Rossi wants ski sins – they don’t really care what you shouldn’t have done last weekend. So, confess and hit the slopes this season with a clear conscience.

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