Shoot like the pros at the Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy photo clinics

Shoot like the pros at the Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy photo clinics

All images: Courtesy of Scott Markewitz/Arc’teryx

Since the brand’s inception in 1989, Arc’teryx has focused on developing products and equipment for exploring the outdoors. As the brand has evolved over the past 30 years, that focus has grown to encompass more than just outfitting, but providing educational and guided training clinics through the Arc’teryx Academy.

Along with climbing and alpine events in Squamish, British Columbia and Chamonix, France, respectively, the brand also has a backcountry-focused event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy provides skiers of all abilities, from beginner to advanced, the chance to join Exum Mountain Guides and professional athletes to advance their mountain skills. On top of the skiing-specific clinics offered, the Backcountry Academy also hosts a photo clinic, lead by some of the industry’s most-respected outdoor photographers.

Designed for intermediate and semi-pro photographers looking to improve their skills in the mountains, these clinics focus on working with winter lighting and capturing action shots within the grand setting of Teton National Park. Along with professional guides, participants will have the opportunity to learn from Angela Percival and Scott Markewitz as well as practice their new-found skills and techniques with professional skiers in front of the lens.

Leading the intermediate photo clinic this year is Arc’teryx Senior Outdoor Photographer, Angela Percival. Since delving into photography as a career in 2009, Percival has made a name for herself as an action photographer, traveling the world shooting in far off places capturing some of humankind’s most impressive physical feats on skis. “While in transit [to the backcountry on skins] we start to get an understanding of what people want to learn so we can personalize the information to everyone as much as possible,” says Percival. “We’ll tour into a zone in Teton National Park with our guide from Exum Mountain Guides and then we get straight to it. Starting with the ‘how tos,’ which depending on the clinic, will range from ‘how to shoot fast action’ to ‘how to work with challenging light.'” Percival also emphasizes that participants of this clinic don’t need to be expert skiers, “You just need to be able to ski tour, have a thirst for learning and ideally love photography.”

For those looking to take their photography to the professional level, Scott Markewitz will be heading the advanced photo clinic. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Markewitz has solidified his position as one of the most influential photographers in the outdoor industry with his images gracing over 400 U.S. and international magazine covers. This clinic however, is not Markewitz’s first rodeo. “For many years I [have] put on three-day ski and snowboard workshops at Snowbird and have led several other clinics and seminars based around action sports,” says Markewitz. Sharing his tips and tricks on all things photography, from making your action photos more interesting to landing a paying gig–the well of knowledge participants will have access to is bottomless. “While we’re out there, we’ll approach it much like I would on a typical backcountry shoot, moving around the mountain working with the light and terrain to capture the best shots we can find,” explains Markewitz. “I’ll discuss my approach to photography, show them a few tricks, help them with camera angles and setups. But I like to work together as a group to talk about lighting and setups, and give each photographer the opportunity to capture their own vision.”

Both of the clinics take place on Saturday, February 9 in Jackson Hole for an insanely reasonable cost; the intermediate course is $200 for the day and the advanced course is $250. While registration is still open, spots are filling up fast.

For more information and to reserve your place, click here.

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