Saga Outerwear aims to increase social interaction with Fast Food App

Saga Outerwear aims to increase social interaction with Fast Food App

Saga Outerwear has released its very own iPhone and Android application, the Saga Fast Food App. The app allows users to connect with the brand on a variety of levels. Its Mix ‘N Match feature lets the user put together their very own kit from Saga, a feature that has long been part of the brand’s website.

“That’s what we knew would be successful about the app, was that people could use that Mix ‘N Match feature, pick out their kit for the season and share it socially,” says Jordan Harper, CMO of Saga. “That’s the first part of that Mix ‘N Match feature which has just been a tried and true part of our website for years. It was time for us to step to the plate on that and make our own app and something that can be a valuable social symbol.”

The Saga Fast Food App outlined in this promotional video, featuring Saga athletes

The second level of social interaction comes with the video feed, in which users can watch any number of the videos posted on Saga’s YouTube channel, at any time.

“What better way to stay in touch with the fans and consumers than having a direct feed of videos inside the app? Instead of having people go to YouTube and search ‘Saga Outerwear,’ this takes our content and brings it under its own spotlight,” says Harper. “That’s where people can continually come back and watch videos on their phone at their own convenience, wherever, and we’re just going to keep promoting the content that goes on the channel.”

The Stockists section is the third feature of the app. Instead of clicking “add to cart” somewhere on the web, users can check out which of their local shops carry Saga Outerwear, then head on in, try on some clothing, and support their local ski shop, or, if they so prefer, grab it from an online retailer at their convenience.

“There’s this battle between the brick and mortar retailers and then the online sales, direct sales,” says Harper. “To kind of bridge that gap and show our retailers that we care highly about those relationships, we’ve made a section where you can search by radius, and zip code, and you can find the retailer that’s closest to you and also find some of our key online partners.”

Press Release, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Local Outerwear company, Saga Outerwear, proves to be ahead of the curve with the new release of their very own Fast Food App. Saga Outerwear teamed up with Canvas Creative Studio to produce an interactive application for iPhone and Android users, complete with Mix ‘N Match, Video Feed and Stockists. The App will be released on October 29, 2013. The anticipation of the release has already sparked a big response from the ski and snowboard community.

The three features of the Fast Food App enhance and personalize the Saga customer’s experience. The Mix ‘N Match feature allows customers to preview their winter looks by mixing together different combinations of jackets, pants, soft goods and accessories to find their favorite style for the winter season. Once customers have created their ideal look, stickers can be added to the picture customizing the experience. The Mix ‘N Match feature even allows users to share their customized look with friends and family by providing the option to upload the picture to twitter, facebook, instagram and other social media platforms. The Video Feed allows users to access all of their favorite Saga skiing and snowboarding videos by connecting to the Saga Outerwear Youtube channel. The Stockists feature finds the Saga retailer closest to the user by zip code or through the user’s GPS on their phone.

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