Q&A Wendsday with Nick Martini

Q&A Wendsday with Nick Martini

After and early season injury last year Nick Martini became a full time filmer for Stept Productions and producer of his own web series, “Martini Recovery.” Now, a year later, Martini is back on his skis in top form and ready for the 2010-11 season.

Between signing with The North Face and winning awards (Best Am Film) at IF3, Martini took a few minutes to answer some questions about filming, skiing, school, and more.

Q&A with Nick Martini

Congrats on your big win at if3. How did it feel to get recognized for Best Am Film?

It feels awesome man! My brother and I have been making Stept movies for eight years and up until now it has been a pretty casual. When I got hurt this season though it was our first opportunity to step it up in a big way. I spent more time behind the lens and dedicated most of my season to making NetWork and am stoked that all the hard work payed off.

What is next on the horizon for Stept? Can we expect to see some early season edits and another banger video next season?

Next season is going to be a big one for us. We will be hiring a full time filmer and we have also expanded our crew a little.

With some new faces and a lot more funding, people can expect a much more professional product. But as usual we will be doing our thing, lots of urban, and just keepin it real.

While on the subject of film. We know you are recovered and on your way back to dominating the ski world but can we expect to see another season of Martini Recovery? Will it have a new name like “Martini Strikes Back”?

A name hasn’t been decided on yet, but I will definitely be doing another web series. Im super jazzed up to keep working with web edits. It’s one of my favorite parts of skiing.

Nice. We will look forward to it. As many people know you spent most of last season injured. Was it tough to stay off the snow for most of the winter? What advice would you give kids who have to go through a similar experience? 

Injuries are awful, but they are a part of sport for sure. I just tried to channel my extra energy into other aspects of the sport like filming, so I didn’t go crazy waiting to ski again.

I was also lucky that all my sponsors still fully supported me and people like Jenny Naftulin at Salomon helped find non-skiing opportunities for me to be involved with.

As for advice to others, I would just say work as hard as you can to rehab your injury, and make sure you wait long enough before you shred again. And of course always stay positive!

What do you have on tap for this upcoming winter? Want are you looking to accomplish?

Well, I can’t wait to film full segments with Stept and Poorboyz again and compete in the Dew Tour. I should also be doing some cool trips with The North Face and Salomon… Oh and making a whole new web series!

That’s right you just signed with The North Face. Congrats. Tell us a little about how that came about. Are you stoked?

The North Face is a giant in the snow sports industry, and I could not be more stoked to be working with them. They have amazing opportunities for their athletes which is crazy cool. I just got back from a North Face trip to New Zeland with Wallisch and Riddle which was tight. We were filming TV commercials with the TGR crew. It is stuff like that, that makes The North Face fun to work with.

Who’s segment caught your eye at IF3? Any films besides Network that you were stoked on?

My boy Amhet straight murdered, it was awesome to see another east coast rail kid win Best Male Skier. Also, Tanner’s new movie, “Like a Lion”, is one of the best ski movies ever made. I highly suggest that anyone who hasn’t seen it yet checks it out. Props to Iberg for making that movie happen!

I also understand you a student at the University of Colorado, what is your favorite subject?

I like all my business classes because they are very applicable to all the business stuff I have been dealing with for Stept and my sponsors.

What music have you been rocking out to lately? Any music the kids should know about?

Im listening to a group called Mattafix right now. But when I ride I’m usually listening to some up beat hip hop to get me pumped. Meth and Red have a good vibe to shred to.

As the weather gets colder and winter gets closer. What is the one thing that gets you most excited for winter?

Seeing all the handrails around Boulder, CO gets me pumped to start shooting in a couple weeks when the snow comes!

Any shout-outs?

My parents for always supporting my brother and I with skiing. Cam Riley for helping me make Network. All the kids like Clayton Vila who have tried so hard to help push Stept and our sport. And of course all the companies that support me – Salomon, The North Face, Giro, Rockstar, and Breckenridge!

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