Q&A Wednesday with Jen Hudak

Q&A Wednesday with Jen Hudak

You probably saw Jen Hudak this winter winning X Games gold, finishing at the top of the WSI podium and absolutely killing it everywhere else she went. After 2010 domination what is next for the female phenom?

Luckily for us, Jen took a few minutes to talk with us about her season, her summer plans, some world cup soccer and a plethora of other things.

FS: What are you up to on this beautiful Wednesday morning?
JH: I just got done watching the USA win an amazing game in the World Cup! It was so exciting.

FS: Are you a big soccer fan?
JH: I would not say that I am a soccer fanatic, but I am a fan. I played in high school so I enjoy it and come World Cup time I become a soccer fan like most people.

FS: What else are you up to theses days?
JH: Before the game this morning I went to Home Depot to buy some pressure treated wood because I am in the process of building a deck at my house. It has become quite the project. It’s a good time though.

FS: Any skiing on the horizon?
JH: Yea, actually. I am headed to the water ramps at Olympic Park later this afternoon. I try to get to the water ramps about two times a week and get some training in.

I’m also planning on going to Windells for about a week and a half and after that, going to New Zealand to train or heading to Patagonia with Matt Philippi and FullCircle where they are spearheading a community outreach program in Patagonia.

FS: What is the Patagonia project all about?
JH: The vision of the project is to open a national park, which will then not only attract tourism and help them build a foundation for future employment and other opportunities but also inspire the people of the Valle Chacabuco community to gain an appreciation for the ecosystem as well. It’s a very cool project. [Ed note: We’ll have a full story on the Full Ciricle project soon.]

FS: Sounds like a good summer. What would you say the highlight of this last season was?
JH: It was such a great year it is hard to say. The fact that this is the first summer in three years that I am healthy and surgery-free is awesome. Besides being healthy though, winning X Games was a major highlight.

FS: Obviously with X gold you were laying it down in the pipe. What can we expect from you and the rest of female skiing in the future?
JH: Well, I am going to continue to work hard, train, and hopefully progress. There are so many female skiers coming up the ranks today that it is good motivation to keep training and stay on top.

As for the future of the female skiing, I see only positive things. Hopefully in four years we will be at the Olympics. The sport is progressing whether people see it or not and we are getting better. This year at the European X Games I think every girl but one threw 900’s and at WSI flares and 1080s were being thrown. There is a huge talent pool out there and throw into the mix some good coaching and training; I think a lot is possible.

FS: Speaking of a huge talent pool, who should we have our eyes on in women’s skiing besides you?
JH: Megan Gunning and Devin Logan are good ones to watch out for. Other than that there are just so many other talented girls it is hard to say.

FS: Any shout-outs?
JH: I’d like to thank my sponsors: Under Armor, Volkl/Marker, Bolle, Skull Candy, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Discrete, Nordica Boots, Aspen Snowmass, Exel, and Alta. Also, my friends and family, you know who you are.

To keep up with Jen follow her at www.jenhudak.com. Also to learn more about the FullCircle project in Patagonia visit thefullcircleproject.com

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