Pro Kits: Ingrid Backstrom’s Shred Gear

Pro Kits: Ingrid Backstrom’s Shred Gear


  Skis: Volkl Shiro

  Boots: Tecnica Diablo Inferno 130

  Liner: Surefoot Custom Foam Boot Liner

  Bindings: Marker Jester Pro or Marker Duke

  Jacket: The North Face Gimme More Down

  Pants: The North Face Shawty Pant

  Goggles: Giro Basis

  Helmet: Giro Shiv 2

  Gloves: The North Face Women's Montana

  Poles: Joystick The Sauce

Matchstick Films star Ingrid Backstrom spends her year skiing and expeditioning around the globe, so it's fair to say she needs gear that won't compromise. Whether she's touring up Mt. Denali, shredding in La Parva, Chile, or taking some laps at her local resort at Squaw Valley, she needs some tough stuff. Here's what she's rocking.

Starting with the sticks, Ingrid's go-to is the Volkl Shiro because it's "so fun and floaty and nimble. Plus it has all the dampness and performance you expect from a Volkl," explains Ingrid. And despite all the chatter about AT and lighter boots these days, Ingrid rocks the Tecnica Diablo Inferno 130. "Yeah, I like a race boot—nothing else performs quite like it, and I get it as small as possible with a Surefoot Custom foam liner. Having boots that fit perfectly is really worth it!" And depending on what she's getting into, she trusts the Marker Jester Pro and Marker Duke to keep her attached to the Shiro's. "Love them both, depends on the day but they are both super bomber and trustworthy."

What does Backstrom trust to protect her head? Why, the Giro Shiv 2 because "the helmet is super light and comfortable and can accommodate my goggles either under or over." Said goggles are usually the Giro Basis with a black limo tint lens. "I love the shape and optics of the Basis, and I prefer to go darker on the lenses for more definition, even if it's partly cloudy."

With so much on Ingrid's plate, she needs a coat that's versatile enough for anything she throws at it. Enter The North Face's Gimme More down jacket. "It's long, warm and cozy for every day with excellent vents for short hikes or warm Tahoe afternoons." She pairs the coat up with The North Face Shawty Pant because it's "rugged and roomy for good movement without being too baggy and there are lots of good colors." The last piece of the clothing puzzle is The North Face Women's Montana glove. In the pole department, Ingrid grabs "whatever I can find in the shed, basically, but I've got my eye on some Joystick poles." We recommend The Sauce.

Follow Ingrid on twitter, @IngridBackstrom.

Check out Ingrid's blog at ingridbackstrom.com.

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