Partying at Whistler

Partying at Whistler

Whistler and partying, the two words go hand in hand. So, with this in mind I set out with some of Whistler’s finest to celebrate the last session of summer camps on the glacier wrapping up. This wasn’t to be an ordinary party night, this was the last hurrah, one last time to send it before it was time for (almost) everyone to pack things up and head home.

Pre-game festivities kicked off at a local condo, prominent members of the freeskiing community were in attendance. Dr. Luke Van Valin and Josh Bibby were busy with the sharpie markers tattooing “Onward” to guests arms. Matt Sterbenz was pouring Steele Spence his first boot as a result of Steele clumsily knocking over a drink. After all the Kokanee’s were empty and the liquor ran dry it was time to hit the town.

Our first stop was The Old Furniture Warehouse, our good friend Rex Thomas was bar-tending and promised a good time. Upon our arrival the shots began to flow and there was no end in sight. They were so abundant we started going around the bar offering them to anyone and everyone that wanted to charge onward. Slowly but surely everyone in our group and those around us were loosening up. The music was turned up to 11, girls started dancing up on random strangers, shots were devoured and new friends were made. Special thanks to Rex for taking things to the next level. Next Stop Buffalo Bills!

At this point we’re all pretty tipsy and we’re looking to rage, Buffalo Bills is the perfect spot. It is a gigantic underground nightclub with a huge dance floor, music so loud that you can feel it in your core and enough strobing and pulsing lights to send some guests into an epileptic fit. Drinks were acquired and our massive group made their way to the floor. The DJ was spinning house/techno remixes of popular songs while a sea of people got their dance on. Time seemed to move in fast forward because before we knew it the lights were on and the club was closing.

Sure, it’s a bummer that this was the last night of raging and the camps were coming to an end. But we closed out the season in style by making the rounds in one of the best ski towns on earth. What makes Whistler so sweet is that there is a bar and club to fit everyone’s mood and style, and they’re all within walking distance. You can go for a chill atmosphere at Earls, dance your ass off at Buffalo Bills, find cheap pitcher specials at Merlin’s or find yourself taking over a bar like The Furniture Warehouse. Thankfully, the snow will start flying at Whistler in a few short months and we’ll be back. I almost cherish the time I’ll have between now and then, hopefully my massive hangover will subside by then.

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