99% of the time you see me on the mountain I am smiling…and for that other 1%…well I’m trying my best to hold it back. I’m Alexandra Pallas Loren, a local of Mt. Hood, Oregon. As a “hood” girl I am spoiled by a year-round-season where summer doesn’t mean the end of the season, it just makes for faster goggle tans. During the summers I work on the hill at various camps and I always come away having made the best of friends from around the country. But like everyone on the hill, I am always awaiting the winter; when I am off to ski Hood and other hills finding, shredding, and slaying the fresh snow we all affectionately call POW!
When my parents first brought me to the mountain I was 3. I quickly became the one dragging my family up to the hill, sometimes for races, but often just to ski. The mountain became my passion and around it I have formed a set of beliefs.
I believe that ski fever is an actual sickness. I believe that hot tubbing makes bikini season last year round. I believe that ski socks always make sense, no matter what boots or shoes you are wearing. I believe that skiing is an automatic bond for all who share the mountain, regardless of age. I believe that a storm day is heaven on earth. I believe that the mountain gives a freedom to all. And I believe that I would make a luscious Lange girl; I am vivacious, fun, and I shred while turning heads. And, like Lange, I believe in great performance.
Thanks for this opportunity.
Live, Laugh, Ski. *

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