Orage is Lovin’ the Ladies

Orage is Lovin’ the Ladies

Orage has always had a good sense for seeking out the best in the industry. Feeling that Michelle Parker could use a few more female sidekicks Kaya Turski and Jess Cumming have joined the Orage Pro Team. Orage’s expanded female team will spearhead an upcoming campaign focused specifically on women to further support the brand’s direction as one that sees the need and value of putting women in the driver’s seat.

Kaya Rail
Kaya in New Zealand

“Orage has always supported and pushed the women’s movement in skiing. From product that fits, feels and performs unlike any other, to our mandate that each team competing in the Orage Masters include at least one female competitor on the roster. Orage will now back and support the women’s market with one of skiing’s most decorated and diverse teams. Michelle, Jess and Kaya are three of skiing’s most influential athletes and now the three will work in direct contact with our product team to continue Orage’s evolution of women’s product” says Mike Nick, Orage Marketing Director. “The idea is simple; it’s our goal to offer the best product for women, developed by the best equipped women in the sport.”

Jess Cumming
Jess Pipe
Jess slaying the Pipe

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