New park this weekend and NBJ on the way!

New park this weekend and NBJ on the way!

As I type the park crew is headed up with the forks attached to the cats in order to start construction of the all new South Ridge Jib Park. What’s new about it?

It’s on a new trail – Longer, better pitch, more snowmaking.

Loaded with new features – Of the 25 new features built this summer about half will make their way into the all new SRJP.

Staircase element – You can’t miss it.

Location – On busy days you’ll be able to lap it on Lift 5 or lift 2.

It’ll be open this weekend. Hope to have some fresh pics before then. Stay tuned to our parks site for the latest.

– NBJ 411 –
No Bib Jib registration is now. The first event is on Dec 9 and will go down in the all new SRJP. This is not only a groundbreaking event series for all but also a great way to promote your shop and or/freeride team. This event is all about freedom. You have the freedom to pick your team, the freedom to pick your theme, the freedom to session the course however you please, and the freedom to post photos, video and general tomfoolery about your team or your competitors. You will not be required to wear a bib. You will not have to stand around waiting for your one or two chances. You’ll hit the course with your friends and session the elements just like you would any other day.

There are four No Bib Jib Series dates, once per month starting in December. To qualify for the season crown a team will need to compete in three out of the four events. Since there’s no bibs required, being in uniform is key to let the judges give you the credit you deserve. Some of least year’s best duds were hockey jerseys, tyvec suits, matching bandanas, joey gear, rugby shirts, flannel, standard issue prison uniforms, you name it.

Team registration is $100 for the season series. Broken down that’s only about $6 per person per event. Pretty sweet. Once you pay, your team webpage on sundayriver.com goes live and you’ll need to send in a bio sheet. One more thing, skiers and riders are jibbing together. Teams can be mixed or not, your call. December 9th is coming soon. The series is limited to the first 20 teams and registration is happening right now.

The sooner you register, the sooner you get your team webpage on sundayriver.com – note the deadline below. Last year a few teams missed out when we got to 20, so don’t slack.

Check out the NBJ site to see it or be it.

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