To the mountains: The story of Ski.com

To the mountains: The story of Ski.com

You’ve been dreaming about a powder-laden trip to Revelstoke for years. You’ve heard the inbounds skiing is tremendous—and you’ve witnessed the terrain accessible by helicopter and snowcat in plenty of ski movies. But you’re on a budget, you ain’t got time to do the research, and, honestly, planning a ski trip is a pretty daunting task to begin with. So, what’s a skier to do?

For 46 years and counting, the team at Ski.com has been the industry’s go-to source of information for booking ski trips to the world’s most well-known destinations. The Aspen-based company utilizes nearly 70 expert ski concierges—who are just as passionate about the mountains as you—to help make your next dream trip come to life. Averaging 28 years in the ski industry, the trip-planning aficionados at Ski.com are equipped to help you map out your adventure based on the criteria most important to you. It’s that wealth of knowledge and access to cumulative experience—not to mention their ability to curate a complete ski trip from flights to demo skis—that should earn them a spot on your winter speed dial.

Whether you’re booking this winter’s week-long Canadian getaway “for the boys” (or maybe it’s a “no boys allowed” affair); returning to your favorite mountain and looking for something new to do; heading overseas to Japan, Switzerland, Austria or the like; planning next year’s family holiday; or, just looking to spend a long weekend in the Rockies, Ski.com serves as your one-stop shop for research and booking. Partnering with over 120 resorts worldwide and offering more than 4,000 lodging options, the veteran travel specialists at Ski.com are assured to book you a trip you won’t forget.

First off, connecting with Ski.com’s service representatives—AKA Mountain Travel Experts—is as easy as making a few clicks on its website, chatting live with a real person online or over the phone, or filling out a simple form requesting a quote for your upcoming adventure. With Ski.com’s services, there’s no more sifting through the endless abyss of online content and no more hustling your buddy to “hurry up and book it”—everything you need to make your ski trip happen is waiting for you on the company’s website, which is flush with snow reports, après suggestions, staff picks and heaps more.

From pillow lines to party time, Ski.com has you covered. Photo by Grant Gunderson. From pillow lines to party time, Ski.com has you covered. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

The initial conversation will cover the basics: dates of your trip, where you’d like ski, your preferred accommodation, etc. but that’s only the beginning. Say you want to pick your destination based on a specific budget, a particular type of skiing, après and nightlife amenities, local activities off the mountain, and/or the size of the hot tub at your accommodation—it’s all possible via Ski.com’s services.

Once you find the destination that best suits your wants and needs, Ski.com is able to bundle the rest of your trip with its streamlined booking process. Reserve flights, lodging, lift tickets, equipment rentals, guides, ground transportation from the airport to the mountain, rental cars, off-mountain activities and even add travelers’ insurance all in one fell swoop. Because these guys and gals know you oh-so-well, you can even split the bill among your pals and avoid those awkward “you owe me money” confrontations.

Seeking nirvana? Let the Mountain Travel Experts at Ski.com point you to the right resort. Photo by Royce Sihlis.

Now’s the part where most people ask: How much does customized, premium service like this cost? The answer is absolutely nothing—all of Ski.com’s services are offered 100% free of charge. Combined with the prowess of the Mountain Travel Experts—who have actually been to each and every single destination offered through Ski.com’s partnerships—you’ll receive insightful, personal commentary and work one-on-one to create a custom itinerary for your trip depending on your group’s dynamic and budget.

So, this year, we’re encouraging you to save yourself from becoming a statistic: 39% of vacationers spend more than five hours shopping for options. Instead of pinning the job of “trip planner” on yourself, one of your good friends, your parents, or your little brother, let Ski.com take the wheel. Once you’ve established a relationship with these resort experts, consider them your personal ski concierge for life, ready to help you book badass vacations until your knees give out.

Featured Image: Ian Houghton

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