Melvin Brewing makes beer drinking a charitable act

Melvin Brewing makes beer drinking a charitable act

Featured Image: Courtesy of Melvin Brewing Company

The squad over at Melvin Brewing just launched a new beer that’s sure to grab your attention. Your IPA features a light, caramel base with deep earthy flavors and is uniquely brewed using a combination of old-school techniques and new-school technology. This seven percent ABV beer was made with 100 percent lupulin cryopowder, which makes it high in flavor but low in bitterness. But this beer does a lot more than just taste good.

Inspired by an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the crew at Melvin Brewing were baffled by the medical debt crisis in the United States. Seeing as these Wyoming-based brewers love to get down on outdoor adventure–and have experienced their fair share of injuries–medical bills and the viscous cycle of medical debt hit close to home. So they decided to team up with RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit organization dedicated to forgiving $1 billion in medical debt for Americans.

Two percent of the proceeds from Your IPA will go back to the charity in an effort to raise a total of $300,000 to forgive $30 million worth of unpaid medical debt in your community. Yup, the two percent donated goes right back to the participating state in which you bought the beer: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, California and Massachusetts.

You may be thinking, how does $300,000 forgive $30 million worth of debt? Well, there’s a network system that buys and sells unpaid debt to third parties for pennies on the dollar. Coincidentally, the CEO of RIP Medical Debt, Craig Antico, is the guy who started it. But after years of working in the collection industry, Antico wanted to develop a way to forgive this debt–rather than just buy and sell it–and that’s how the non-profit organization was born.

But the good doesn’t stop there. Melvin Brewing invited the great people from RIP Medical Debt to make some charity magic in the Alpine, Wyoming headquarters. The two crews teamed up to brew a special batch of Your IPA and the kegs from this 100% Batch got shipped out to participating partners. What’s so special about this special batch? 100% of the proceeds go toward Melvin’s total fundraising goal. That’s where these guys need you–every pint you drink from this batch forgives $500 worth of medical debt for veterans, families and people in need.

Some numbers you should know, according to Melvin Brewing:

  • 1 in 3 Americans struggle to afford healthcare
  • 1 in 5 Americans have delinquent medical debt on their credit reports
  • 60% of all bankruptcies in America are because of medical debt
  • Americans owe $1 trillion in medical debt
  • It will take $1 billion to eliminate ALL of that medical debt
  • 2% of sales from Your IPA will go toward forgiving this debt
  • Your IPA proceeds go toward forgiving debt in nine states
  • Melvin aims to raise $300,000
  • $3 million in medical debt eliminated if Melvin meets its goal–helping nearly 2,000 Americans who are currently in medical debt

  • So grab a pack of Your IPA or donate on its website to contribute to the cause. Bottoms up for knocking down America’s medical debt.

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