McRae Williams wins slopestyle gold, 2013 X Games Tignes

McRae Williams wins slopestyle gold, 2013 X Games Tignes

In his first ever X Games finals appearance, Park City’s McRae Williams topped the field in Tignes, France today, logging a score of 90.0 on his first run, and upping the ante on run number two, earning a score of 94.33. Behind Williams on the podium were Jossi Wells with a score of 93.0 and Gus Kenworthy, whose even 92 earned him his first X Games medal.

“I woke up with butterflies this morning,” Williams told ESPN following the event. “I had trouble getting breakfast down, but it all worked out. It’s a beautiful day and I was super confident going into it after a few good days of practice. It feels amazing: first-ever X Games finals and a gold medal. I can’t believe it.”

Williams—along with a few other athletes—arrived in Tignes earlier this week sans luggage thanks to a mix-up with the airline. He managed to get product shipped last minute, and was able to qualify for finals on Wednesday.

Come finals, Williams stomped a clean first run, scoring a 90.0. On his second go-round, he improved on both his style and technicality, registering a 94.33. His winning run consisted a nosebutter 450 onto the first rail, to switch; switch on, front 270 out of the second rail feature, to switch tail butter 450 on the next; a left 9 tail; back-to-back switch double cork 10s and a switch 270 on, 450 out of the final rail feature. McRae was unable to hang on for run number three, and was forced to watch as a number of skiers dropped in—each one capable of bumping him from the top spot.

ESPN quotes Williams as stating, “It’s a love-hate relationship. We all want each other to do good, but at the same time you’re kind of hoping to keep that top spot. Those could have been the longest five minutes of my life, for sure. Obviously we want all our homies to kill it.”

Having seen Williams compete earlier this season at X Games Aspen and again at the Aspen Freeskiing Open, it’s no surprise to see him take the cake today. He’s been training hard, and his skills are on point. It was only a matter of time before he was rewarded for his efforts. Congrats, McRae, on a job well done.

How did your Fantasy Freeride team perform this weekend at X Games Tignes? For all things Fantasy related, visit fantasyfreeride.com. To see how this shakes up the AFP world rankings, visit afpworldtour.com.

2013 X Games Tignes slopestyle final results

1. McRae Williams — 94.33
2. Jossi Wells — 93.0
3. Gus Kenworthy — 92.0
4. Russ Henshaw — 90.33
5. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand — 86.66
6. Tom Wallisch — 86.00
7. PK Hunder — 84.00
8. Noah Morrison — 40.33


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