Learn to Pronounce It: Lasse Nyhaugen

Learn to Pronounce It: Lasse Nyhaugen

Lasse Nyhaugen is the skier you wish you were. He's smooth, stylish and has multiple other talents that go beyond skiing. The Norwegian isn't only a professional skier but also one of the original members of Shred 'n' Breakfast. Nyhaugen can also make a mean web edit. With Dew Tour on the horizon and more episodes of Shred 'n' Breakfast dropping soon, the Norwegian is poised to make big moves.

Learn to pronounce it, Lasse (la-seh) Nyhaugen (knee-how-gen).

Name: Lasse Nyhaugen
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Age: 19
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy, Armada, Dragon, Skullcandy, Dovre


photo: Simon Hastegård 


Can any Americans pronounce your name correctly? It's not your typical Joe, Bobby or John. How pissed do you get when people get it wrong? Do you ever want to drop kick them?
Most Americans can't, many have tried but many have failed. It's really not that hard to pronounce once you actually hear me say it and see how it's done [laughs]. There are not that many names similar to mine in the states though so I try not to get to pissed when people get it wrong. But if you get it wrong the next time, I probably will drop kick you [laughs].

You are a man of many talents not only can you ski but you also can put together one hell of an web edit. Gus Kenworthy knows this. When did you get into editing?
Well, thanks! To be honest, I really just started learning to edit last winter when making Shred' n Breakfast. I've always had an interest for the creative field and last year I decided to put a lot of work into both editing and filming.

Speaking of editing, if you could put together an edit for any skier who would you want to work with?
Hard to choose just one, although Gus was great to work with. He's a super hard worker and such a sick skier which made it easy to make a cool edit. There are several guys that would be cool to work with though, maybe Wallisch 'cause he can ski everything or maybe Hornbeck 'cause he loves doing alternative stuff no one else does. 


photo: Simon Hastegård

Besides filming you are a mad smooth pimp skier. How did you get into skiing? 
I've basically been skiing my whole life. My parents took me skiing the minute I was able to walk. I did snowboard for a season but it didn't work out that well.
Field Productions was actually the reason why I got into freeskiing. Producer, Filip Christensen has been my neighbor since we were kids and once he got his first skis and started filming I became very interested.

What is your favorite part about skiing?
Being able to travel the world with all your best friends and basically having the time of your life. Every single day is my favorite part. Skiing gives me so much, so it's hard to just pick one part of it. I've met so many cool people in this industry and I've learned a lot.

What are you plans for this season?
I just booked my flight to Breck last night so I'm flying to the states on Monday to do the Dew Tour. Hopefully everything works out for the better and I get to do all the stops. Besides that, I'm planning to do as much competing as possible and also some filming. Both in front of and behind the camera.

If you could bring one thing (tradition, food, etc) from Norway to America what would it be? Why?
Food! If you had lived your whole life in Norway and then spent one month in the states you would say the exact same thing. No offense, but American food sucks compared to Norwegian cuisine. Not saying that it sucks… but compared to Norwegian food… yes. Well, I guess I'm saying it sucks.


photo: Simon Hastegård

What is it like riding w/ the Shred N Breakfast crew? Tell us a lil' about Shred 'n' Breakfast.
Shred 'n' Breakfast basically started out with my homeboy Kim Boberg and myself wanting to do something else besides writing boring stuff on our blogs. So Kim bought a small handycam and we just started shooting random stuff and a bunch of skiing. Somewhere along the way we decided to make a webisode and here we are.

We never expected that it would be so popular. We always have a great time making the episodes so it's so cool that it turned out the way it did.

Now be honest…. Who would win in a fight, Shred 'n' Breakfast or Traveling Circus? Why?
Oh, tricky one! What I would like to see is a Shred 'n' Breakfast vs Traveling Circus episode. Freeskier can make that happen? Right?

Anyways, Traveling Circus is definitely the coolest webseries out there (besides SNB) and I love their stuff. But give us the challenge, and we'll take it!

Who is your favorite skier?
I've got that question so many times and it's a really hard question to answer cause' there are so many good skiers in the industry. But I have to say that Tanner is absolutely one my favorites. He's done so much in his career and can do pretty much everything so I have a huge respect for him as a skier.

Say I was a single male. Would you recommend I go to Norway or Sweden in order to find a girlfriend/wife? Who has the better looking girls?
I would say both. Go to Norway and find a hot chick, then go to Sweden and find another hot chick. Figure out which one is hotter (and has the best personality… obviously) and marry her. Norway and Sweden are pretty similar when it comes to the ladies. Swedes are known for their blondes… not the brains though [laughs].

Shout outs?
My parents for my first pair of skis and everything else, my sponsors and all my friends that makes skiing awesome! And I should probably say Freeskier for making the best magazine on the planet! Cheers!

For More on Lasse visit lassenyhaugen.blogspot.com.

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