Kevin Rolland Wins King of Style Big Air [video]

Kevin Rolland Wins King of Style Big Air [video]

Under the lights, the misty rain and cold temperatures, Frenchman Kevin Rolland has won the King of Style Big Air, here in Stockholm, Sweden. An ecstatic Kevin celebrates his first podium at a city big air event, while Big Air native Elias Ambühl takes second and backcountry jumping specialist Bene Mayr takes third. Yesterday, qualifiers culled a sizable field of hopefuls down to eight, who went on to meet today's pre-qualified field of eight in a bracket-style head-to-head showdown.

But unlike the London Freeze, this event implemented a one run format. A second caveat? Each rider could only do the same trick twice, meaning there would be no golden trick. With one practice jump each, the skiers took their places in the tournament lineup and here is how the first round went.

Round of 16:
Bene Mayr's double cork 1080 safety beat out Sammy Carlson's double 1080 mute.
-Simon Dumont's double cork 1080 mute bested Phil Casabon's switch 900 truck driver.
Elias Ambühl's gigantic double cork 1080 pushed him over Pal Bergeron's double cork 1080 tail.
-TJ Schiller and his double cork 1260 handily beat Bobby Brown's double cork 1260 that he crashed on.
Jon Olsson's 360 was enough to beat out Fritdjof Fredricsson's double cork 1080, when his ski flew off mid-ar.
-Kevin Rolland's double cork 1260 defeated Aleksander Aurdal's double cork 1080.
Andreas Håtveit's double cork 1080 double mute to octo outdoes PK Hunder's double cork 1080.
-Jacob Wester's double cork 1080 beats Oscar Scherlin's 1080.

After a couple crashes knocked out crowd favorite Bobby Brown and Norwegian youngster Fridtjof Fredriccson, the quarterfinals round got underway.

Round of 8:

-Bene Mayr's double cork 1080 floats on after Simon Dumont crashed a double cork 1260.
Elias Ambühl's double cork 1080 was more than enough to move on after TJ Schiller crashes a double cork 1260.
-Kevin Rolland's double cork 1260 defeats Jon Olsson's double cork 1080 double safety.
Andreas Håtveit's double cork 1080 double mute to octo narrowly beats out Jacob Wester's double cork 1260.
With the easy advanced of Bene Mayr and Elias Ambühl, and the tight wins of Kevin Rolland and Andreas Håtveit, the semi-finals were locked in place.
Round of 4:
Bene Mayr washed out on a double cork 1260 and Elias Ambühl moves on with a 720 (that almost became a disaster mid-air).
-Kevin Rolland moves on easily with a double cork 1080 as Andreas Håtveit crashes his double cork 1260.

With last year's King of Style out of the running, the showdown between Elias and Kevin was set to go. A consolation jump between Bene Mayr and Andreas Håtveit would take place to determine third place.

3rd place jump:

-Bene Mayr puts down an impressive double cork 1260 while Andreas Håtveit overrotates a switch 1260 and crashes. Bene takes 3rd.

Final jump:

-Elias Ambühl crashes his double cork 1260, giving Kevin the win if he stayed on his feet, which he did with a flatspin 360.

The reigning X Games Superpipe gold medalist infiltrated the big air scene tonight, winning with a combination of some luck and some determined jumping. As the swarm of media attacked the podium contenders, as the champagne sprayed over the newly crowned King of Style, Stockholm's residents were treated to a lively, action-packed and exciting big air tonight. See you next year Stockholm.

Final Results:
1. Kevin Rolland
2. Elias Ambühl
3. Bene Mayr
4. Andreas Håtveit
T-5. Jacob Wester
       TJ Schiller
       Simon Dumont
       Jon Olsson
T-9. Fridtjof Fredricsson
       Oscar Scherlin
       Bobby Brown
       Sammy Carlson
       Aleksander Aurdal
       PK Hunder
       Phil Casabon
       Paul Bergeron

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