Justin Dorey and Keltie Hansen Win WSI/AFP Superpipe

Justin Dorey and Keltie Hansen Win WSI/AFP Superpipe


Justin Bonesaw Dorey doing what he does best.

He came, he saw, he conquered. Justin Dorey won today's WSI Superpipe competition by a margin of almost nine points, a gap that's been unheard of this year in the stunt ditch. Tucker Perkins has found the podium for the first time at a major comp this year with his second place finish and fellow American David Wise rounds things out in third. On the women's side, Keltie Hansen's first run was good enough to stay on top all day, as she takes home her first big win of the year. Podium frequenter Devin Logan has done it again, finishing in second and Anais Caradeux has once again finished in the top three.


L-R: Tucker Perkins, Justin Dorey, David Wise

While the rest of the Telus Festival and AFP World Championships in Whistler, BC, Canada have been blessed with sun and slush, today was certainly not. Gray skies gave way to some light snowfall later in the afternoon, but the overall weather wasn't the most terrible these pipe contenders have seen. Like Big Air and Slopestyle, Superpipe held a Men's Elimination and then the Women's Finals, followed by the Men's Finals… all best of two run affairs.

Men's Semifinals was mostly an exercise in formality all the heavy hitters that compete on the circuit made it through, with Simon Dumont qualifying first. Some new blood found its way into the finals, namely in the solid and stylish riding of Peter Adam Crook, the all-or-nothing riding of Tai Barrymore, and the switch double flips of Noah Bowman. Finals were a different affair, with a few more spills and a few tricks not landed in elimination. The top three runs:


Lobster Face Wells, cork 900

Justin Dorey – Starts things off with a right wall double cork 1260 which he dumps into an alley-oop flatspin 360. Going switch into his third hit, Dorey dropped a perfect switch double flip 1080 both runs. Capping off the short pipe was Dorey's rightside 900.

Tucker Perkins – Kicking his run off with a right wall 1080, Tucker then puts down a switch rightside 720 on his second hit. After a 900 and alley oop flatpsin 540, Tucker put the hammer down with a double cork 1260.

David Wise – David started things off with an alley-oop flatspin 360 immediately into a switch 720. After a rightside 900, David puts down his double cork 1260, capping his run with an alley-oop flatspin 540.

Just off the podium was frequent "just off the podium guy" Thomas Krief. Krief's double cork 1260 and back-to-back 900s have been a menace to halfpipes all year and today was no exception. Byron Wells, the man without a double flip, took his large amplitude, first hit switch 1080 and clean landings to the bank (or 5th place).


As with any comp, there is excitement and there are disappointments. Mike Riddle couldn't cleanly land his double cork 1260 on his first run or and washed out on his alley oop flatspin 360 on his second, ending in a so-so 7th. Top qualifier Simon Dumont crashed on both of his alley oop 900 attempts at the bottom of the pipe, putting him in an unfamiliar 11th place. Matt Margetts' alley oop double rodeo 900 was giving him trouble all day, ending the day in 13th. Tai Barrymore, one of the most exciting new kids on the block, held down his alley oop double flatspin 900, but couldn't keep it together on his 540. Look for big things from him in the future.

On the women's side of things, Keltie Hansen charged right into the pipe on her first run and didn't look back. With back-to-back 540s, a 900 and an alley oop 360, Keltie had the firepower needed to win today. Devin Logan put down a familiar run, complete with two 540s (one grabbed tail and the other japan), a flare and a nice 720 at the end. Anais Caradeux wrapped up the 900 for the judges, as well as back-to-back 540s and a 720 to cap it off.

Megan Gunning, who is still rehabbing from her ACL tear last fall was in the pipe. She wasn't throwing down by her standards, but it was good to see Gunning back in the swing of things. Sarah Burke, who was going for the win in front of a hometown crowd, couldn't stomp a clean run. Her 900s were on point, but her back-to-back flares were giving her trouble. I guess she'll have to settle for those pesky X Games medals this year.


L-R: Devin Logan, Keltie Hansen, Anais Caradeux

After the Men's and Women's finals, a WSI tradition — The Super hit — went off. While the snow was starting to fall the competitors had a 30 minute jam session in which to throw one big tricks and the riders would, at the end, judge who would walk away with the $2,000 titles.

Simon Dumont was boosting double cork 1260s and banging the landings while Byron Wells was slaying some switch 1260s. But in the end, it was Gus Kenworhty who was stomping down the pipe double flatpsin 1080s. Perfection. For the ladies it was Sarah Burke who took home the Super Hit check after she flashed some flawless cork 1080s to the crowd.


Superhit winners Gus Kenworthy and Sarah Burke

This concludes the AFP World Championships at the Telus Festival, as well as concludes the 2010-11 competition season. It's been a long road for all the competitors, but head on over to the AFP World Rankings Page to see who took home the hardwear and who came oh-so-close this season.

A big thanks goes out to Whistler, Watermark and the entire field of athletes who put on quite the show for all the spectators this weekend. See you next year Whistler. And a super special thanks goes out to Josh Bibby and Reed Speedman for keeping everyone entertained on the mic today.


David Wise amidst a 900

Men's Final Results:
1. Justin Dorey – 95.2
2. Tucker Perkins – 86.6
3. David Wise – 85.0
4. Thomas Krief – 83.8
5. Byron Wells – 81.8
6. Peter Adam Crook – 75.2
7. Mike Riddle – 68.2
8. Dan Marion – 67.6
9. Benoit Valentin – 64.4
10. Brian Kish – 64.2
11. Simon Dumont – 57.0
12. Gus Kenworthy – 52.4
13. Matt Margetts – 37.8
14. Tai Barrymore – 36.8
15. Noah Bowman – 31.8

Women's Final Results:
1. Keltie Hansen – 85.2
2. Devin Logan – 83.4
3. Anais Caradeux – 81.8
4. Maddie Bowman – 79.4
5. Dara Howell – 77.6
6. Manami Mitsuboshi – 70.4
7. Mirjam Jaeger – 68.0
8. Megan Gunning – 57.2
9. Sarah Burke – 38.0

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