Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 1 [video update]

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 1 [video update]

JOSS – Back in the air! from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

The mega-event known as Jon Olsson Super Sessions has begun. While not all the athletes are here in Ã…re, Sweden just yet, the show must go on. Most of the jib garden and the massive hip, dubbed “The Corner,” went off this afternoon.

The Jib Garden today consisted of a long ass triple-kinked box (really two boxes put together, which formed a long triple), a down bar, and a hay-bale step-over, meant for hand dragging and ski tapping. Since everyone invited to this event is pretty much the man at freeskiing, needless to say, the rails were demolished. Wallisch 450ing, Simon pretzeling, Gus Kenworthy and Oscar Harlaut misty-ing off the triple, Simon and Oscar hand drag 360-ing the bales, Alex Schlopy switch 720 tapping, switch ups here, switch ups there, spinning on and off in such a freeski frenzy that would make even a whirling dervish dizzy.

Then there was the hip. A massive and skinny beast of a feature. As about half the athletes bombed into the feature, going bigger than the next, a few standouts definitely revealed themselves. Russ Henshaw’s super flowy 540 high mutes, over and over, got the crowd’s attention. Elias Ambuhl and Oscar Harlaut flatspinning the crap out of the hip. Jacob Wester’s 540 tails and flatspins that would make you see Jesus. Jon Olsson taking a break from being a course maintenancer and Event guru was taking his straight airs DEEP. Tom Wallisch and Simon Dumont taking turns floating way above the hip in Team America fashion.

In other small news, Tom Wallisch, as he took a break from the rails, shaped a small quarterpipe on the side of the run to session. Himself and Alex Schlopy did a number: Flatspins, 720s and an attempted switch front flip. All good fun here in Ã…re.

As the session started early in the afternoon, most athletes were tired (as some flew in this morning) and the session was unofficially called as the sun started to set. But no worries, the boys will be tricking over sunsets for the next handful of days, as the Jon Olsson Super Sessions train will continue until Apr. 17th.

For more information and video updates, check Jon’s Video Blog and the JO Super Sessions Blog.

Keep checking back on Freeskier.com for more JOSS updates.

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