Jib Academy is the place to be.

Jib Academy is the place to be.

Salomon is rolling out the red carpet this week at Mammoth Mountain for the Jib Academy Finals. Winners from the local Jib Academy stops in the United States, Canada and International stops are joined by Salomon pros like Simon Dumont, Matt Walker, Mike Douglas, Mike Clarke, Keri Herman, Kaya Turski and more for a week long shred session here in beautiful Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Since it is the first week of May, we’ve just about got the mountain to ourselves. The Under Bound express is in operation and skiers are lapping the park at rates that I can’t even begin to explain to you. It’s almost as if you’re watching a never-ending train of jumps.

Matt Walker, taking care of some business here at Mammoth.

Sammy Carlson goes for the handplant / cork 5 off of the barrel bar.

JohnSymms.com throwing a little Japanese flavor into his Rodeo 5’s.

Let me bring you through a day here at Jib Academy, since they’re effing awesome.

1. 7:30 AM – Wake up, go get yourself a free breakfast. Eggs, bacon, waffles, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, several types of juices… You get the idea, it’s far superior to the Cheerios and milk that I down on a daily basis.

2. 8:30 AM – Lifts are spinning, time to lap! The park is groomed to perfection each night, your first laps are nothing but corduroy and perfect setups.

3. 12:00 PM – Lunchtime! Right at the base of the park there’s the lunch spot, complete with a deck so you can get your grub on while you watch your friends sesh. Oh yeah, Salomon’s got your back with lunch too. No need to spend any of your hard earned paper-route money.

4. 12:30 PM – More skiing! You’re all fueled up from lunch, chances are you spent some of your lunchtime allowance on a ridiculous amount of candy. Just the type of energy you’ll need for hucking yourself around Mammoth’s epic park.

Henrik Harlout is all fueled up and crushing tail grabs after a quick lunch. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Taco Bell at the base.

5. 4:00 PM – The day is done, time to kick back with your laptops and get your blog on. Salomon has photographers and videographers all over the hill and by the time you’re out of your ski boots and back to the lodge they’ve got the day’s picture ready to rock on custom Salomon jump-drives so you can upload them to your Facebook, MySpace or Freeskier accounts.

6. 6:00 PM – Dinner time. Every night Salomon is hooking it up with a phat dinner. Sometimes you’re eating at the hotel, others you’re noshing on a Mexican banquet inside a bowling alley. They like to keep it fresh so you’re not doing the same thing every night.

So, that’s just a taste of what the kids are doing here at Jib Academy. Every night, Salomon has other things going on, bowling, soccer games, industry talks with legends like Mike Douglas and more. There’s always something going on and a way for you to have the best week ever. Big ups to Salomom, Jenny Naftulin and the entire Salomon crew for orchestrating one of the most well planned and most fun weeks these kids could ever have. No doubt the Athletes and Jib Academy finalists are having one of the most memorable weeks of their lives. I sure know that I am!

Hey, how about some more eye candy from Mammoth?

One of the Jib Academy finalists shows that tail grab what’s up.

The Dumont, crushing the largest jump in the park… Because, that’s what he does.

Willie Borm and Sammy Carlson review some footage from their previous run as they lap up the chair.

The Dumont with one of his super-smooth 180’s.

Whoa, that’s some extension on that Rodeo 540.

Bobby Brown’s got that heavy head.

Nighttime clouds roll in over Mammoth.

Make sure you check back in every day for continuing Salomon Jib Academy updates. We’re going out to session a 90 foot private jump on the backside of Mammoth today. We’ll have the helmet cams going, the photos snapping and a fresh update for you later on today.

Also, if you want to know what’s going on LIVE check out our Twitter Mashup page. Salomon athletes like Keri Herman, Matt Walker, Kaya Turski, Cody Townsend and Mike Douglas are updating all day long to let you know what’s going down here at Mammoth!

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