Icelantic Skis just moved into a new HQ, complete with a sweet as’ storefront

Icelantic Skis just moved into a new HQ, complete with a sweet as’ storefront

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Compiled with help from Donny O’Neill.

The 10-year-old ski manufacturer Icelantic Skis has moved its headquarters from Denver, CO to nearby Golden, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. After having been based out of the popular Battery 621 building—a shared, collaborative workspace—for the past six years, Icelantic has set up shop in a 2,000-square-foot property at 1300 Washington Avenue (a.k.a. Main Street) in downtown Golden. The new space houses Icelantic’s offices and also includes a storefront chock-full of skis and apparel. There’s even an outdoor patio for special events, and/or casual beer drinking to quench that 2:30 feeling. The brand has certainly come a long way from the days when founders Ben Anderson, Travis Parr and Travis Cook opened up shop in Anderson’s parents’ garage, just up the road in Evergreen.

After having visited the space ourselves, (it’s lookin’ primo, squad!), we caught up with Icelantic CEO Annelise Loevlie to inquire about the move and its implications for the brand’s future.

FREESKIER: What spurred the move from Denver—where you’ve cultivated such a strong following—to Golden?

Annelise Loevlie: We’re definitely leaving Denver with a huge appreciation for what the city and its vibrant and involved community has granted us. The main motivation to move to Golden was to get a little closer to our playgrounds. Golden is a gateway to endless trails for biking, hiking, running… it’s got a great river for mid-day river dips, it’s 20 minutes closer to skiing, and now our employees can enjoy a little bit nicer commute. It’s a general “quality of life” move for us, and we’re optimistic that our community will emerge here as strong as ever.

You’ve got a prime-time location in downtown Golden, right along the main drag. Do you expect much foot traffic?

Yes, indeed. Golden is a walking city. We’re looking forward to seeing who buys what, when, how… everything is a big experiment and we’re going to learn a lot.

How about visits from folks who aren’t necessarily skiers…. What sort of opportunities do you have to connect with outdoor enthusiasts or just your average Joes and Janes? Is that something you value? Can those interactions drive business directly or indirectly?

Great question. We’re going to be touching a brand new market being here… A big chunk of [the residents or visitors to Golden] may not ski or participate in outdoor activities. One of our biggest opportunities, in my opinion, is to continue building our brand awareness with “never-evers” [i.e. folks who have never-ever skied before] by offering products that appeal to them. All of the products that we’re selling here are high-quality and 100-percent made in the USA, from frisbees to jewelry to skis. We promote that throughout the space, and that’s a story that spans a larger market than just the outdoors. Who knows, maybe we’ll have to start selling salt-water taffy. Probably not.

1st Customers in our new store here in #Golden #Colorado Thank You Ladies! We are officially Open For Business! Come on Down!

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What will be the main draw for skiers to come and visit?

Our intention here is to welcome skiers into our space to experience the brand in its purest form and to support locally made, high-quality, fun-enhancing products.

How did you land on the building, specifically?

It was a bit of a strategic stalking process. One connection led to the next and the next until finally we got in touch with the elusive building owner. There were three businesses in line in front of us for the space and for some reason or another they fell through. We continued calling and persisting, keeping hope. Then, I guess it was a right place, right time sort of thing.

The building was originally a service station in the 1950s before it closed in the ’60s. Since then, it has operated as a bank and credit union but was vacant in recent history. You’ve maintained the original location of two large garage doors in the construction, albeit with a fancy makeover. How else have you maintained the building’s historical and structural integrity?

We’ve preserved three of the original exterior walls, one of which is now internal and plays host to our ski wall, with two really cool porthole windows into our conference room. Additionally, we kept as much of the original flooring, quarry tile, as possible. This site has a lot of cool, innovative energy throughout its history. You can feel it when you walk in.

Back in Denver, in the Santa Fe district, you played a big part in the “First Friday Art Walks,” celebrating art and culture and interacting with many thousands of people through the years. How do you plan to remain a part of the artistic and cultural conversation in the Colorado Front Range?

Another great question. We definitely plan on continuing to play our part in the cultural cultivation of the Front Range. Thanks to our time in Denver, we’ve built an amazing community of business owners, artists, musicians, builders, athletes… and we’re looking forward to activating the Icelantic brand and culture in different spaces in and around Denver and Golden, with the help of our friends. It’s a win-win for all. Additionally, there are some really cool venues in Golden that we’re looking forward to exploring for events, etc. Personally, I’m excited to not come into the office Monday morning with beer spilled all over my desk.

Care to drop by the shop yourself? The store hours are as follows…

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11AM – 8PM
Wednesday: 11AM – 8PM
Thursday: 11AM – 8PM
Friday: 11AM – 8PM
Saturday: 11AM – 8PM
Sunday: 11AM – 6PM

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