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Icelantic returns to nature in style with new web series

Icelantic returns to nature in style with new web series

Photography by Eric Sales

This year, we’re partnering with our good friends at Icelantic Skis—you know, those skis with bombproof construction—to bring you an exclusive video series that’ll leave your jaw on the floor. The Return to Nature Series officially drops next Tuesday, October 16, and showcases some of the deepest, steepest skiing on the globe. But this web series isn’t just about deep days on the hill; it’s about rediscovering the importance of immersing oneself new places, new people and new experiences.

SKIER: Julian Carr | LOCATION: Niseko, Japan

In hopes of inspiring us to reconnect with the natural world and the different cultures that exist around the globe, the Icelantic team brought their cameras to the powder-laden hills of Japan; to the tops of some of Alaska’s most puckering spine lines accessible from Haines; and into the heart of the Andes Mountains in Chile. Engaging themselves in local communities for extended periods of time, the Icelantic crew were able to discover that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to traveling the world with a ski bag.

In the words of Icelantic:

A Return to Nature brings much more than a literal breath of fresh air. The figurative refreshment that comes with embracing the natural world is often more powerful than any tangible feeling. While skiing is our main reason for traveling, travel offers us much more than just another powder day. It refreshes our souls by allowing us to be vulnerable and reconnect with the natural world.

LOCATION: Haines, Alaska

Capturing these feelings is the focus of the Icelantic Return to Nature Series. Venturing out into nature is often more straightforward than connecting with the local people and culture. With deep roots in Japan, Alaska and Chile, we relied on our relationships to allow us to connect with these communities on a deeper level. Developing largely out of our passion for wild places, these relationships have fostered a new level of personal growth and connection around the world.

No matter what someone’s skiing ability level is, most people can relate with their own Return to Nature story. We want to experience everything that these places have to offer, not simply go and ski them. The people, destinations and history that we have encountered deserve to have their stories told. These stories encompass our Return to Nature Series.

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