Here’s a sneak peek at next year’s 2014 Oakley gear

Here’s a sneak peek at next year’s 2014 Oakley gear

The X Games is a wild week of event excitement, late nights and early mornings. So when the Oakley PR crew called and invited us to a mellow media day at their mansion in Snowmass Mountain to test the new Airwave goggle and 13/14 pro-model outerwear, how could we say no? Not to mention… the snow had turned on after the Snowboard super pipe final and it was stacking up.

I had the luck to get some pretty deep turns in with Grete Eliassen while wearing her new signature series outfit in a brilliant red.

“I’m growing up as an athlete and as a woman,” said the newly engaged Eliassen. “So I was looking for something a little more fitted and flattering this year.”

The G-baby suit with glitter, a baggy fit and suspenders are part of the past and now, we’re seeing Gore-tex material and a tighter fit for “hiking and staying warm and dry in all climates,” says Grete.

But beyond the stylish women’s kit from Grete, we saw the new Seth Morrison outfit, also with Gore material. Seth chose a navy blue and turquoise blue for his set up as to be sure to be seen from the heli as he slays those big lines. Waterproof shell material, taped seams, full leg zips, super lightweight feel and technical detailing completed the Seth kit; just like we’re used to seeing from the legend of the Oakley team.

With his return to the X Games, Tanner Hall introduced a toned down, more subtle look for his signature kit. We still see the red, yellow and green touches that signify Tanner’s brand, but they are smaller and the overall look is more refined with more traditional colors and logo placements. Additionally, Tanner introduced some more technical features to his outerwear like taped seams and venting.

On the eye wear side of things, the new Canopy frame was out in full force. Tanner chose this frame this year for his goggle which is a departure from his traditional Crowbar of the past three-plus years.

But the freshest thing in goggles has to be the Airwave. When Oakley athlete Alex Schlopy lands that 2160 Future Spin, you know he’ll be doing so in the Airwave goggle as thing this is straight out of the future. Speedometer, run tracker, friend finder, caller ID and text message receiving as well as Recon technology and music all operated by a coordinating app? Yup, that’s from the future. And pretty rad.

But rather than see how fast we could go yesterday, Grete and I opted to find some pow in the trees as Snowmass was in the midst of a storm. And find it we did.

Stay tuned to Freeskier.com for more 2013/2014 product updates from the SIA tradeshow in Denver that kicks off this Thursday.

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