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Grab the family and some Tim Hortons. Burrrlapz ‘Football’ is on

Progression is a tricky thing to pin down. It’s a process that’s entirely subjective. What I describe as a progressive stride might very well be just a small, trivial step for you. There’s no set book of rules for what describes one persons’ growth compared to another. This can make it hard to tell if another individual or group is heading in an upward direction, or simply riding off of what they previously accomplished. But when you’re able to look back all at once, and see the past compared to the present, you can often tell whose moving forward, and who’s staying stagnant. For a prime time example, I will point to those who created the film you’re about to watch. If you’ve been glued to the videos of the faithful Burrrlapz crew for the last few years, the gangs refinement is so obvious, even Stevie Wonder could spot it. While the members have rotated around, with injuries and hold ups galore, Burrrlapz has remained a namesake in the world of skiing for half a decade.

The Fernie, British Columbia based group has had a plethora of smash hits in their time, from their full length film to their intersection compilation. And they’ve tucked several stunning projects under their belt as of recent. “Checker Head”, “Beat Pad”, and “Touch the Snow” are three short films that the crew have released in the last 12 months. Each one has an extremely distinct flair, and while all are unique in what they document and how they do so, there is an overlapping sense of style that binds them all together. “Football” is yet another name on this list of knock out projects, with each new creation showing a new source of refinement. Whether it’s in the skiing (and snowboarding) that will make you pause, rewind, and question just exactly how they did that, the editing that will have you lost in a new world they’ve created, or the filming that’s smoother than warm butter on bread, the Burrrlapz keeps on progressing their crafts in every way possible.

It would be easy to see the front runners of this film, Liam Morgan and Dylan Siggers, as the two most crucial parts of a project like this. But in reality, what makes each of the Burrrlapz creations so special is the community who comes together to create it. There are nine different people credited with the filming on this movie, many of whom had segments of their own. This isn’t exactly rare, with crews like Strictly and Keesh also tossing around the camera, but it’s still worth noting the family of individuals that are at work here. When everyone is pitching in on all sides, there’s more experience and practice checked off for all involved. Considering this, it’s no wonder why this crew has seen such constant progression in every aspect of what they put out. Whether in front of the camera, the computer, or out on the hill, Burrrlapz as a whole keeps on dialing and refining, and we’re just fortunate to get to watch it all happen.

With any luck, they’ll have another “full home movie” out by mid-season. And if not, then whatever they cook up next fall will be all the more mind melting. These guys sure do know how to leave us hungry for more. The end of “Football” will have any sane skier smiling with a sentimental tear in their eye, grateful for the next opportunity to get out into the snow covered hills with good people around. These really are the good ole days. Thank you, Burrrlapz, for doin’ what you do.

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