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Pink Floyd, The Burrrlapz crew and some of the deepest snow on Earth

While this video might be over a year old, it has seemingly flown well under the radar for most of us. Being the good sports that they are, The Burrrlapz might not have a problem with that, BUT, at FREESKIER we want to bring you the best that skiing has to offer, and the people need to see this masterful creation of skiing documentation.

With countless breathtaking videos under their belts, these Fernie powderhounds have amassed quite the collection of winners. Here we get to witness a mess of rippers, including Dylan Siggers, Sam Kuch, Garrett Capel and plenty others. Plus, adding Pink Floyd to these well shot videos of massive aerials, blower powder and great camaraderie? That just might take the cake. Filmed in the mystical forests of Nelson, British Columbia, there is a feeling of magic that accompanies this flick. Perhaps that’s due to the remote spots where the skiing takes place. If anything, that is a testament to the conviction of this crew. The hours taken to carefully scope out terrain all in hopes of finding that perfect lip, spine, pillow line or drop clearly pay off again and again for these boys, and that’s a good thing for us! We get to watch and learn from some of skiings finest going to work on some of the greatest natural terrain around.

While the skiing is captivating to say the least, the real draw of “Don’t Call it a Comeback” lies in its intricate cinematography. The art of piecing together a beautiful edit often rests in the creators mind. Perfection can vary based on who’s eye you’re looking through. With that being said, there is an unmistakable beauty of passion, and whether or not you love the look of the project, the feel is magnetic. That type of passion emanates from this flick, and the blend of music with film, and the skiing captured on said film, pull you in like a blackhole of greatness. Love for the crafts of skiing, film making, music, and overall creation bring us this absolute beauty. So as they do in Canada, grab some Timbits and turn off the lights, make sure your volume is up, and settle in for a skiing experience. Thank you Burrrlapz, for putting your all into projects like this. With this kind of fuel, future is bright indeed.

And, yes, if you stay tuned till the end, L.L. Cool J will indeed make an audio appearance.



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