Gear Up! Goggles. Protect Yourself.

Gear Up! Goggles. Protect Yourself.

With summer camp in full swing, NZ and South American seasons around the corner and prime-time goggle buying season coming up fast, we decided to highlight some goggles coming out. And test the protective capapbilities of these goggles by throwing water balloons at our new assistant editor, Steve Hemphill. Some goggles completely blew up the balloons and diverted the water away. Some deflected the whole balloons (Spy). Some missed… I mean, throwing balloons at barely-protected employees isn’t an exact science. Enjoy!

Click here to view the slideshow. Or, click on each small image to view a larger version.

The EG2

Company: Electric
We Say: “The EG2’s giant lens surface area means more protection from water balloons… and harmful UV rays.”

The Basis

Company: Giro
We Say: “Notice the halo of water? That is water (and other harmful projectile) protection. Giro got it right.”

The Rogue

Company: Dragon
We Say: “With the ferocity of a Dragon, these goggles safely deflected the balloon where it detonated away from the face. Which is a good thing.”

The JP Auclair Crowbar

Company: Oakley
We Say: “Our assistant editor can see thanks to the thermonuclear protection, just like JP in bottomless pow in BC. Tested and approved!”

The Iris Bug

Company: POC
We Say: “While the balloon was a bit off target, it was most likely intimidated by the non-spherical protection offered by the Iris Bug.”

The Fix

Company: Scott USA
We Say: “All black, the Scott fearlessly takes the water in stride. With no other choice, the water ran scared once out of it’s protective balloon casing.”

The I/O

Company: Smith
We Say: “Like the Dragon, the I/O deflected the balloon away before it could do any harm. Quick changing lenses as well as projectile protection… win-win!”

The Zed

Company: Spy
We Say: “The Zed’s hard lines and laser-like lens scared the balloon away, not even allowing it to pop. Great for crowded lift lines as well.”

The main thrower, Snowboard Magazine associate editor Matty Vanetta

Thanks go to Steve Hemphill, Matty Vanetta, Chris Owen, Zach Berman, Snowboard-Mag intern, and the rest of the Freeskier Staff.

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